Janice's cat..

Sooo Janice has this cat, Bobs daughter dropped it off last night, and she put it in a box, and opened the garage, the thing takes off running... If I had to live with Janice I would too lol...

Well tonight Katie and I are outside and it comes up to us and we tried to catch it and had no such luck. Poor kitty I feel bad that its outside in the horrible weather... It looks like my little mittens did minus the extra paws, Janice was going to name it chai latte or something poor poor kitty.
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The Farm..

So yesterday we went up to the farm to visit with my dad and aunt anna. While we were at The Stables Restaurant, we heard the emergency beeps over the radio, and of course me and my father pull out our cell phones to see what it was bc you couldn't make out what the radio was saying. Turns out a huge ominous storm is approaching.. one that could.. and would produce two inch hail, damaging winds and torrential down pours. Soooo.. we go back to the barn.. and of course.. two seconds after walking in, boom! the skies open up.. and god was it loud.. so.. yeah.. heres some pictures... lol


Old Lyme trip again..

Not much to say about it.. just sharing pictures.. did the usual Niantic, Book Barn and Skippers.. Met a cool artist my father knows, Frank i think his name was.. In Branford.. where it rained a lot and people weren't very friendly, and the shuttle bus never came. I ate my lox bagels, Magic Brownies.. bc coffees is awesome.. and my lobster roll.. it was a pretty good trip overall..


The Drama lately...

Sooooooo... after having been a friend to heather, feeding here when she was hungry, listening to her annoying stories over and over and over... and her insistent chatter about Carroll's penis... like let it go already... her melodrama... her lies and head games all of it i put up with. She in the beginning was only supposed to pretend to date Eric, she wanted to get Carroll of her back, why she didn't just tell him she wasn't interested is beyond me, but pretending turned into the real thing somehow. and what ensued was her making a mockery of my very close friend. She used him in every way imaginable, even to push her own agenda with the rest of the group, believe it or not she went as far as to insinuate he raped her. Then if this is not enough, she brings her ex boyfriend Eric from Tennessee back home and has him move in with her and lies continuously about that.. so when i do confront her.. she decides to make my life hell at work and tell my boss lies about me.. she is unholy stupid. I'm really not sure why i bother to have friends any more.