we are leaving for Connecticut today... after i go to my make up class... so at 9pm... ill try to post.. well see.. i am going to take lots of pictures.. hopefully it won't rain!!


School again...

sooo my teacher is a C U Next Tuesday!!! she used to be this fun woman and now no... she needs some menopause pills or something!! we used to joke in class and i would joke a lot.. she is no longer amused.. we had this test and one of the RIDICULOUS  questions was "rubber gloves are easier to put on when your hands are wet" its was a true and false.. and when there are true and false questions we have to write in the correct answer. so i wrote "hell no! they are impossible to get one while your hands are wet!" so she crosses out the hell no and writes "stop this behavior" she is insane!!! absolutely insane. and that poor woman in my class it think she is in her sixties.. cried again. she is sooo frustrated with her grading and her methods of teaching. she really doesn't want to help anyone.. she wants to scream. i am going to write her a letter.. ill post it when i do.. oy...



I think everyone should read these two books "Home is Where the Heart Is" and "Honk and Holler Opening Soon" they are both by Billie Letts if you like a heart warming book that just gives you the warm tingles and still manages to have a serious plot note these are the books for you! i fell in love with them a LONG time ago. my mother brought them home from some book sale she had read them and i decided to try them out.. i was just recently reminded of them when i found one at the salvation army, i took it home and read it again. i just love them!!! almost as much as i love John Irving... "The World According to Garp" is a great book too... :) just thought you should know... so anyways i woke up at 4 am today and watched some cartoons for a while took timmy to school, children and youth is coming today for their monthly visit. yeah. i am going to talk to them about Timmy's crazy grandmother, his father told him that the TV they took from his house was Timmy's and timmy called her last night and gave him this line "you would never have had that TV if your mother wasn't stuck in bed with MS even if your check from your mother paid for it, your father misused your check so that TV is gone." so there are two things wrong there, one, she spoke ill of his father, and two she stole his TV. oy. i just don't think that is any way to talk to a child. especially one that has been through all he has been through. loosing his mother and father and having to start all over again with a new family, our family. not to mention when he goes for his visits she doesn't even spend time with the kid, he is unsupervised with his sister who the last time cut his hair.. and i mean a real hack job. and the grandparents didn't even know it had happened. there is just something soooo wrong with it all.. so i am gong to say something. well that's all for now...


The Party..

So as expected only one person really showed up. Eric. I never ate the ham.. i couldn't after i ripped the skin off of it... ewwww.... Mocha was happy though.. she got lots of ham and skin and such... Mike seemed to have a good time.. he really liked the cake i made.. and i got all cheesy with it and put sponge bob on the cake with those sugar things you can buy. he thought it was cute. Eric and i stayed up until 1 am talking.. (mike ended us leaving for an over night shift at 10:30.. ) i had eric cracking up at the movie on you tube...
 http://youtube.com/watch?v=m9Yt0zufrSA (or do a search for "The Front Fell Off" ) its insanely funny.. worth watching. anyways he fell on the floor with laughter and timmy ran over and hugged his head telling him it was ok.. and eric laughed all the harder and then fell over again this time taking timmy with him and then timmy was laughing.. it was quite the spectacle. lol.. the one thing eric is good for is having educated conversation, so after his laughing fit we sat there talking about how ridiculous the real-estate market is getting and other things like that. he is convinced one has to work for ones self to make any money. who knows these days. wll thats all for now!!!


Dr. Phil.. oy.

Nothing like TV to instill fear in the world. Dr. Phil is doing a segment tonight on sex offenders. sooo i of cource went online to see where they are around us. there are 33 within 15 miles of me. 11 of them are less than a mile away one is two blocks away. omg. wow. soooo if you haven't yet, and you have kids... go online and check. i showed timmy their pictures so he is aware. god knows any more. so to fix my bummer of a day... i decided to watch Tom and Jerry cartoons!! nothing like a good 1950's cartoon to cheer you up! mike made an interesting point no wonder there was so much war.. the cartoon are sooooo violent! just look at the episode entitled "Jerry and the Goldfish" he has the gold fish on the stove.. in his fish bowl making soup out of him. stirring the poor fish in the bowl. then comes jerry.. who throws toms head into the stove! the stove! then he takes him out at the knees with a baseball bat! like wow. and i think after that it was a frying pan to the face and running into a hot iron. michael makes a valid point.. but i don't think the cartoons are to blame.. its just stupid juvenile people bent on world domination. haha... like Pinky and the Brain. oy. soooo.. then we watched Tom and Jerry for like five hours... had a romp in the hay.. while watching Tom and Jerry... michael commented on how amusing that was and that i should write about it.. so there it is i did it. lol.. i am still watching Tom and Jerry and laying here.. bored.. as usual.. i have a big day tomorrow too!!! and its 3:22 am here... i have to cook the 10.5 lb. ham... make german potato salad from scratch... bake the triple chocolate fudge cake with triple chocolate fudge icing and chocolate chips. its going to be a chocolate over kill... but michael loves chocolate.. and tomorrow is his 29th birthday... :) one more year until he is out of his twenties.. sooo we have to make it a good day. we are having a few friends over.. Joe (he is the MOST over dramatic, psycho, drama queen, gay man i know.) Carrie Anne (joe's good friend), Eric (a car dealer who prides himself on being the "worlds biggest asshole" Megan (our neighbor downstairs, if her family leaves in time) and i have yet to ask the other Mike (my art major friend who NEVER sleeps and is all ways goofy because of it.) should be an interesting night.. i will take some pics and let you know how it goes.. lol...

Still no sleep....

I haven't fallen asleep yet.. wooo hoo.. ate a peanut butter sandwich.. and posted some of my favorite recipes on my recipes page. link is at the bottom. hanging out with the doggie... she has decided to abandon her tent and has taken to the floor. i fed her some left overs so now she is really happy. my cat is snoring really loudly next to me... he is like a lumber jack. lumber jack cat! its amazing for a cat how loud he can be. i would wake Abe Lincoln from his slumber. and he's dead. just incase you were unaware of that fact. i spoke with my friend amanda for a while on aim. that was interesting. we have very odd conversations. about dreams.. riddles... and just out right nothing.. but to us it is something. it sucks that she lives so sporadically far away. and i say it like that because she never seems to plant her roots anywhere. she is all ways in different parts of the US or world for that matter. lucky her. i remember those days... all ways on the move. going to all sorts of different places. those were the good 'ol days. my favorite trip was to San Antonio, TX it was with the church youth group. it was the only one that Arija, Scott, Katie and Steve were on. all friends of mine who left the group after that. i remember they all ran off with Sean because it was 4:20 and they HAD to get high.. i had never at that point so i didn't share in the festivities. but high they got! lol.. and the minister had NO idea. it was great. we all hung on the playground all night. and Sean brought ALOT of pot back from mexico. they weren't searching the vans at the boarder because it was a church van. ha! stupid boarder patrol. i also remember for some reason some dark colored man saying to Arija "what's yer name? Or-I-ja? Happy New Year!" he had a very southern drawl. like a mississippian. and for some reason he said happy new year after every sentence. i liked him though. this is what i was talking about earlier. i meet all the characters. i met a guy named Tim McGraw... lol.. no not THE Tim McGraw. but he was a chill guy. he lived at the place in main we were doing service work at. i was never one for groups so i hung with him and some hippy chick singing beatles songs. I lost track of him. i hope one day to find him. i have to give his picture back to  him. we were pen pals for a while. then he fell off the face of the earth. i have a lot of people like that.. ones that just disappear... like the guy in my english class with the weird hat.. took me to the Nicholsen bridge one day. never saw him again. or that chick Chrystal who had a son named Ira.. she was fun.. think she kinda liked me too.. (yes in a sexual way) she worked somewhere mining chrystals.. haha.. chrystal mines chrystals... but they were nice non the less her son was beautiful. but very shy. she stayed with me one night left Ira's frog that sings "what a wonderful world" the dog hates it. then one day while i was at work i found a note from her with a necklace that she left me. i still have it. i just have to wonder what ever becomes of these people. and why do i insist on clinging to these silly memories? weird.



possibly the most uneventful night. we were supposed to have a quiz but our teacher forgot... haha..oops.. and then one girl went home because she wouldn't stop throwing up. another couldn't talk because she just had a tooth pulled... it was like the room of wounded soldiers. i got home and apparently my poor puppy has a broken tail. mike figured it out. he was putting her doggie diaper on (she is in heat) and she yelped and he heard bones cracking (cringe) and she wouldn't let him go near her again. it sounds bad but mike didn't break her tail.. it was all ready broken, he just put the bones back in place unintentionally. now in class tonight they were talking about how much breaking a tail bone hurts on a human. i felt really bad for the pup. so instead of having her wear the diaper we left it off and are going to quarantine her in the kitchen so she can't splatter blood all over the house. but again.. not as mean as it sounds... we made her a tent with the cabinets and blankets and got a huge cushion from outside and put a fleece blanket over it in the tent. (she likes to burrow under our covers so its pretty close :)) good enough for her see seems happy. thats all that matters. she couldn't even sit with the diaper on poor baby... so now she is resting happily in her little puppy tent.

I had a nice suprise last night  my best friend called... (i can't tell you his name because he is a very elusive person...but i will post his picture... lol ) it was nice to hear from him since he seemed to disappear for a little while there... oops. and i actually got to bed at a decent hour. go me.. no more drama from the nameless one, thank god. i have spent a lot of time cleaning... its become some what of an obession, due to the fact that i have absolutly nothing better to do with my life.. lol waiting around to see if i get my unemployment back, if not then i'll find a job. yippee. i actually like doing nothing, i still feel like i am being productive even though i really am not. ha. i am going to make some chicken corn chowder.. mmmmm... its a big hit in this house since i put an astronomical amount of spices in it. its like eating corn that is lit on fire with some cream and potatoes. lol. they like the spicy food here. it will be great when the farmers market opens up and i can go buy vegetables for cheap. then i can make my curry veggies and rice or curry eggplant. i like exotic cooking... its more interesting. and lucky for me Timmy loves to eat ANYTHING. it would be tough if he was picky like my brother, he's the pasta and butter type. ew. for a 12 year old he loves different things. i was like that too. we all ways had the three tastes rule, try it three times, if you don't like it then fine (thanks mr. vennables) of course my brother would LOATH that rule but it got me to be adventurous. let my taste buds live on the edge. what the hell did i just say? god. hehe.. maybe i do need to get out. ok im gonna go before i say something else retarded. 


Happy Places

Happy puppy.


the farm.

Summer garden.

Happiness is a warm puppy.

Some Random Pictures From CT

Mike took this picture of me.. walking away from the beach

My mother took this of mike and i on the beach

Mike and my father on the boat at the lake house in old lyme

Close-up of mike on the boat

Found steps to happiness and awareness....

Things to remember:
 1. Just Breathe
2. Smile in public. (makes you and everyone around you feel good)
3. Spot your moods and how they effect your life.
4. Feel your body. (how different positions make you feel, are you tense?)
5. Eat mindfully. (bring gratitude to your meals, taste your food, eat foods you enjoy)
6. Notice when entering a new space. (something is ending and something new is begining)
7. When walking a familiar route, notice something new.
8. Listen to the surrounding sounds.
9. Notice insects (being mindful of them focuses on the now.)
10. Lay in the grass. (in other-words, remember when you were a child and you would lay in the grass all day and enjoy being outside. revel in the moment.)


My Art Work

My Hippie Avi.. :)

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So this is my first entry...

Well... where to begin.. have you ever had a friend that was just so dumb that you wanted to punch her in the head? i found out during this week that i had one of those. we have recently stopped talking, and thank god, but she won't go away!!! it's absolutely insane. she wants her child's bike back, i would gladly give it to her in a heart beat but for some reason she has decided that it would be detrimental her health to set foot on my property? This is kind of interesting due to the fact that this woman who shall remain nameless recently smeared dog poop all over her ex lovers car... and i am the crazy one. who knows. any ways, off topic, she wants this bike, now,i drive a little and i mean little 1995 honda accord.. and this bike is the size of a motorcycle.. NOT GOING TO FIT! soooo i can't bring it to her! i have explained this to her in as many different ways as possible.. she doesn't seem to grasp the shear mechanics of it. maybe i can ride it on the expressway to clarks summit. god that would be a sight to see.(a grown woman on a child's bike.. can we say clown car??) lol. ugg. well, to continue she took it upon her self to "speak with the local authorities" about the fact that i wont give her this bike. and she wont come get it. save the fact that she owes us money. i should be the one "talking to the authorities" i don't particularly want dog poop smeared all over my little honda accord. and it's not like i can hide the thing i have covered it with bumper stickers to cover all the spots where i have backed into small objects, or things that i don't remember doing. it's a driving billboard, and it's all hippy crap, objections to the war, objections to smoking bans, objections to the way people are treated in tibet, have you ever noticed hippies have a lot to complain about? funny.. and all they do is smoke pot all day, i should know.. i used to be a part of that culture, maybe that's her problem, she is too retarded from all the dope she has smoked over the years.. who knows... i just know that i might be at the magistrate by the end of the week requesting a restraining order like her poor ex lover. i seem to have this innate ability to attract the whack jobs of the world. Now don't get me wrong, they aren't all bad, some are funny (such as "the drunk guy" or "Sharkey" we love him, and he is in love with me, doesn't care who he says it to either the list includes my fiance. lmao.) but then there are the ones like these, who poison the gene pool. it's sad really. her mother should have swallowed her.