I think everyone should read these two books "Home is Where the Heart Is" and "Honk and Holler Opening Soon" they are both by Billie Letts if you like a heart warming book that just gives you the warm tingles and still manages to have a serious plot note these are the books for you! i fell in love with them a LONG time ago. my mother brought them home from some book sale she had read them and i decided to try them out.. i was just recently reminded of them when i found one at the salvation army, i took it home and read it again. i just love them!!! almost as much as i love John Irving... "The World According to Garp" is a great book too... :) just thought you should know... so anyways i woke up at 4 am today and watched some cartoons for a while took timmy to school, children and youth is coming today for their monthly visit. yeah. i am going to talk to them about Timmy's crazy grandmother, his father told him that the TV they took from his house was Timmy's and timmy called her last night and gave him this line "you would never have had that TV if your mother wasn't stuck in bed with MS even if your check from your mother paid for it, your father misused your check so that TV is gone." so there are two things wrong there, one, she spoke ill of his father, and two she stole his TV. oy. i just don't think that is any way to talk to a child. especially one that has been through all he has been through. loosing his mother and father and having to start all over again with a new family, our family. not to mention when he goes for his visits she doesn't even spend time with the kid, he is unsupervised with his sister who the last time cut his hair.. and i mean a real hack job. and the grandparents didn't even know it had happened. there is just something soooo wrong with it all.. so i am gong to say something. well that's all for now...

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