Found steps to happiness and awareness....

Things to remember:
 1. Just Breathe
2. Smile in public. (makes you and everyone around you feel good)
3. Spot your moods and how they effect your life.
4. Feel your body. (how different positions make you feel, are you tense?)
5. Eat mindfully. (bring gratitude to your meals, taste your food, eat foods you enjoy)
6. Notice when entering a new space. (something is ending and something new is begining)
7. When walking a familiar route, notice something new.
8. Listen to the surrounding sounds.
9. Notice insects (being mindful of them focuses on the now.)
10. Lay in the grass. (in other-words, remember when you were a child and you would lay in the grass all day and enjoy being outside. revel in the moment.)

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