Still no sleep....

I haven't fallen asleep yet.. wooo hoo.. ate a peanut butter sandwich.. and posted some of my favorite recipes on my recipes page. link is at the bottom. hanging out with the doggie... she has decided to abandon her tent and has taken to the floor. i fed her some left overs so now she is really happy. my cat is snoring really loudly next to me... he is like a lumber jack. lumber jack cat! its amazing for a cat how loud he can be. i would wake Abe Lincoln from his slumber. and he's dead. just incase you were unaware of that fact. i spoke with my friend amanda for a while on aim. that was interesting. we have very odd conversations. about dreams.. riddles... and just out right nothing.. but to us it is something. it sucks that she lives so sporadically far away. and i say it like that because she never seems to plant her roots anywhere. she is all ways in different parts of the US or world for that matter. lucky her. i remember those days... all ways on the move. going to all sorts of different places. those were the good 'ol days. my favorite trip was to San Antonio, TX it was with the church youth group. it was the only one that Arija, Scott, Katie and Steve were on. all friends of mine who left the group after that. i remember they all ran off with Sean because it was 4:20 and they HAD to get high.. i had never at that point so i didn't share in the festivities. but high they got! lol.. and the minister had NO idea. it was great. we all hung on the playground all night. and Sean brought ALOT of pot back from mexico. they weren't searching the vans at the boarder because it was a church van. ha! stupid boarder patrol. i also remember for some reason some dark colored man saying to Arija "what's yer name? Or-I-ja? Happy New Year!" he had a very southern drawl. like a mississippian. and for some reason he said happy new year after every sentence. i liked him though. this is what i was talking about earlier. i meet all the characters. i met a guy named Tim McGraw... lol.. no not THE Tim McGraw. but he was a chill guy. he lived at the place in main we were doing service work at. i was never one for groups so i hung with him and some hippy chick singing beatles songs. I lost track of him. i hope one day to find him. i have to give his picture back to  him. we were pen pals for a while. then he fell off the face of the earth. i have a lot of people like that.. ones that just disappear... like the guy in my english class with the weird hat.. took me to the Nicholsen bridge one day. never saw him again. or that chick Chrystal who had a son named Ira.. she was fun.. think she kinda liked me too.. (yes in a sexual way) she worked somewhere mining chrystals.. haha.. chrystal mines chrystals... but they were nice non the less her son was beautiful. but very shy. she stayed with me one night left Ira's frog that sings "what a wonderful world" the dog hates it. then one day while i was at work i found a note from her with a necklace that she left me. i still have it. i just have to wonder what ever becomes of these people. and why do i insist on clinging to these silly memories? weird.

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