Soooo... The Janice plot thickens..

So, Janice lectured me on random stuff today, which was not such a big deal, i left at like 11:15 because i was running behind, and then realized i had forgotten some things and went back really quick to get them done, so, i get home. Watch some things on Hulu and then Heather calls and says that janice just stopped in asking questions about me and her. She asked what time i left, asked what i was doing when she got there? were all the meds signed for? did i take the food out for tomorrow? did i witness the money being counted? was the laundry started? and then checked to see that heather was ironing the shirts, she checked to see if heather charged the phones, cleaned and charged the razors, folded the laundry, checked the food she made against the menu, and checked to see if the inservices were done, all at 2 AM!!! is it just me or does anyone else smell a rat? so.. i can tell you what i am gonna do, start looking for a new damn job, where my boss doesn't hate white people.


Uncle Ace..

Asa M. Very
Asa M. Very, 97, of Montrose, died Monday at home. He is survived by his wife of 70 years, Anna Overfield Very.

Born in Bridgewater Twp., son of the late Walter and Nettie B. Hendershot Very, he was a member of the Montrose United Methodist Church and the IBM Quarter Century Club. He was a volunteer for many organizations, including the Red Cross and American Cancer Society.

He was an avid hunter and fisherman. He died surrounded by his family.

Also surviving are two daughters and sons-in-law, Joyce and Jerry Lathrop, Elizabethtown; and Lois and Jay Gardner, Mountaintop; three grandchildren and their spouses, Brian and Sue Lathrop, Marc and Cortney Gardner, and Jamie and Jeff Wadowsky; five great-grandchildren, Colin and Shea Gardner, Kaitlyn, Mackenzie and Ryan Wadowsky; and many nieces, nephews and cousins.

He was also preceded in death by four brothers, Donald, Dallas, Clyde and Jay Very.

A funeral service will be Saturday at 11 a.m. in Montrose United Methodist Church, with the Rev. Deborah R. Rose officiat- ing. Interment, Fairdale Cemetery. Visitation will be Friday, 7 to 9 p.m., at the Daniel K. Regan Funeral Home, Montrose.

Donations in his memory may be made to the Heartland Hospice, Hospice Memorial Fund, 328 N. Main St., Pittston PA 18640; Montrose United Methodist Church, 90 Church St., Montrose PA 18801; or the Susquehanna County Library Association, 2 Monument Square, Montrose PA 18801.


Chillin on the Porch

Heather and eric.. and eric looks really happy for somone who just had a car stolen off his lot..

The deck....

We finished the deck and kind of finished the like chairs...

The Whole finished deck from affar..

Inside the deck..

Close up of Sun Chair, before it was done, and the ashtray...

Far view of the sun chair...

The finished sun chair...

The moon chair..

Jackarooo's chair..

The Pollock chair.. :) :) :)

Heather's Chair..

For Norbert..

The breakfast i had with Jackarooo yesterday..

The place we ate..


Janice is OFFICIALLY insane!!

Ok so i wake up today to heather being wonderful again and throwing me a warning that i am going to get yelled at when i get to work. its nice to know, and know why, so you can gear up a defense before you arrive, and you can prepare for the verbal lashing that is about to ensue. So today's big Janice issue is that CHRISTA spilt meds on one of the med baskets. I want to be sure that you all read that, CHRISTA. Is that my name? No i didn't think so. Her signature is on the M.A.R. NOT mine.. so here's how this conversation went. Heather sends me, "just so you know Janice said she's gonna "let you have it" when you come in." so i said, "why? what freggin now?!?" she responds with, "because J's meds were spilled all over the label and his basket and his other pills. she said she knows its Christa but she still said she would let you have it." ok.. people... is anyone sitting there going WTF? bc i was kind of stunned, not too much though.. i mean it IS Janice after all.. her perception of the world and how it works is that of a giraffe on crack. why a giraffe you ask... bc a giraffe looks down on everything. So this woman somehow believes that by yelling at me, for something Christa did, because we work the same shift, it will be like she is yelling at her vicariously through me. which by the way is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard!!! her perception of everything is so tragically skewed. yeah.. so.. even before i get there i know how my day is going to go. oh and the best part, because of all this i am probably going to be late for transport, because she will be taking time to yell at me for something i didn't do. unreal.


Zombie Jesus Day..

I am sooo sick of people posting their christian propaganda, if i see one more quote from the bible, i swear.. i am going to delete all the friends that write this stuff.. you know its really great that you believe in something, that you follow like a blind sheep never questioning, that you are happy with your ignorance. quite frankly i find it utterly offensive that you all take it upon yourself that as soon as its a holiday you JUMP at the opportunity to push your believes like a bunch of drug dealers on the streets, trying to see how many people you can get hooked on your Jesus Heroin. there was a point in my life that i was as bad as you thinking in needed to "save" everyone, but i grew up and realized this is just as real as santa and the easter bunny. I learned to question the things i was taught, i don't have any misconceptions, and am no longer brainwashed by the societal norm. really though.. i just feel bad for you people that are so enamored with your beliefs that you feel the need to make others sick. believe me, god, jesus, the holy spirt, or any-other Judao-Christian deity, are not as you believe the only ones out there. really, do you have any idea how offensive it is to claim so? get off your high horse, i know your god doesn't teach you to be pretentious! and keep your fucking Biblical quotes away from me. and to those of you who quietly go to church, who silently observe your beliefs. good for you. you to me are the true meaning of a christian. others should learn by your example. what people don't realize is the Jesus Heroin pushers are the exact reason people don't want to go to church any more, that instead of "saving souls" they are turning them away in disgust. but i'm not in the least surprised they don't know that, they are blind, their eyes are shut, they are judgmental, and they are egotistical, they are the exact opposite of what they call a "saved" person. Even my mother hollered at me for not going to church, like somehow going through the motions and sitting in a church pew will make me a christian or something, i mean god is that what she believes? that my personal views won't make an ounce of difference so long as i plant my ass on a church pew? WTF? *sigh* when is this day going to be over???


R.I.P. goosey... :(

So today heather stopped by at 9 am after work, i woke up and had some coffee with her, (she needed help with something work related) and i asked, did you see the goose? she said no, and i didn't think to much of it b/c sometimes she is hanging out in the neighbors yard, as you all well know. well after we talk for a while, and take care of what we need to take care of, i go lets go find the goose, see what she is up to. so we go traipsing through the neighbors yards looking for her. no goose. so i suggested we walk along the road and look in peoples front yards. no goose. then on the return trip i decided to walk on the other side of the road, and heather stops dead, looks away, then looks back and goes, is that the goose? and yeah.. there is my poor goosey, laying in a pool of blood next to the train tracks, :( :( :( upon closer inspection, she is very dead. something got her, something ate her head. i am utterly devastated right now. she was really growing on us, we loved her dearly. I feel so bad. my poor poor baby.


Well then...

So i am trying to get this party together.. what a goddamn nightmare! its just a stupid cookout.. but good lord its like omg! can you or cant you come? and i had to change the date, and now no one knows flipping annoying!!!!!!!!!!!! and i was supposed to possibly go to this thing with jax and i don't know if thats gonna happen now.. i sware why can't things just be easy?????????? FUCKKKKK, well.. anyways, i spent the day outside with the goose, well the part that i was awake for.. and the cat, and omg they did not get along.. it was sooo amusing.. the cat was terrified with the goose.. and proceeded to stalk it.. and the goose didn't know what to make of my computer.. that was pretty funnny.. she tried to preen it.. like waaaa???


More on the goose..

So it seems she stays at my place for a while then likes to make rounds around the neighborhood, i woke up this morning and she was in poor George's backyard, pretty much standing at his door, so i ran over and got her, i think we might be giving her too much bread, she hasn't really touched her food yet?? i was warned bread makes her fat, oh well.. but it seems to be the only way to lure her home??? another funny thing is our place of work was talking to mike the other day and asked him if they could write in the CLA news letter about the goose... so apparently either our CLA's have no news, or a goose is news worthy??? odd non the less. Michael's boss Bob wants to bring his grandchildren up to see the goose, i mean geepers, it's just a goose, granted its a super cool goose, but.. i don't get it.. lol.. well .. thats pretty much all.. off to a fun filled day of working alone ick


Norbert has returned home..

Our friendly neighbor came and knocked on our door this morning, and informed us that our goose was in his yard, and had been there, and apparently laid an egg. so goosey is home safe and sound!! yay!