Zombie Jesus Day..

I am sooo sick of people posting their christian propaganda, if i see one more quote from the bible, i swear.. i am going to delete all the friends that write this stuff.. you know its really great that you believe in something, that you follow like a blind sheep never questioning, that you are happy with your ignorance. quite frankly i find it utterly offensive that you all take it upon yourself that as soon as its a holiday you JUMP at the opportunity to push your believes like a bunch of drug dealers on the streets, trying to see how many people you can get hooked on your Jesus Heroin. there was a point in my life that i was as bad as you thinking in needed to "save" everyone, but i grew up and realized this is just as real as santa and the easter bunny. I learned to question the things i was taught, i don't have any misconceptions, and am no longer brainwashed by the societal norm. really though.. i just feel bad for you people that are so enamored with your beliefs that you feel the need to make others sick. believe me, god, jesus, the holy spirt, or any-other Judao-Christian deity, are not as you believe the only ones out there. really, do you have any idea how offensive it is to claim so? get off your high horse, i know your god doesn't teach you to be pretentious! and keep your fucking Biblical quotes away from me. and to those of you who quietly go to church, who silently observe your beliefs. good for you. you to me are the true meaning of a christian. others should learn by your example. what people don't realize is the Jesus Heroin pushers are the exact reason people don't want to go to church any more, that instead of "saving souls" they are turning them away in disgust. but i'm not in the least surprised they don't know that, they are blind, their eyes are shut, they are judgmental, and they are egotistical, they are the exact opposite of what they call a "saved" person. Even my mother hollered at me for not going to church, like somehow going through the motions and sitting in a church pew will make me a christian or something, i mean god is that what she believes? that my personal views won't make an ounce of difference so long as i plant my ass on a church pew? WTF? *sigh* when is this day going to be over???


cburnham570 said...

God(dess) bless you and keep you Karin.

BluExtacy said...

hahahahha.. fuck..

Steve (My Dog Ate Art) said...

Funny post - agree with every word - thanks for the follow