Well then...

So i am trying to get this party together.. what a goddamn nightmare! its just a stupid cookout.. but good lord its like omg! can you or cant you come? and i had to change the date, and now no one knows flipping annoying!!!!!!!!!!!! and i was supposed to possibly go to this thing with jax and i don't know if thats gonna happen now.. i sware why can't things just be easy?????????? FUCKKKKK, well.. anyways, i spent the day outside with the goose, well the part that i was awake for.. and the cat, and omg they did not get along.. it was sooo amusing.. the cat was terrified with the goose.. and proceeded to stalk it.. and the goose didn't know what to make of my computer.. that was pretty funnny.. she tried to preen it.. like waaaa???

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