Janice is OFFICIALLY insane!!

Ok so i wake up today to heather being wonderful again and throwing me a warning that i am going to get yelled at when i get to work. its nice to know, and know why, so you can gear up a defense before you arrive, and you can prepare for the verbal lashing that is about to ensue. So today's big Janice issue is that CHRISTA spilt meds on one of the med baskets. I want to be sure that you all read that, CHRISTA. Is that my name? No i didn't think so. Her signature is on the M.A.R. NOT mine.. so here's how this conversation went. Heather sends me, "just so you know Janice said she's gonna "let you have it" when you come in." so i said, "why? what freggin now?!?" she responds with, "because J's meds were spilled all over the label and his basket and his other pills. she said she knows its Christa but she still said she would let you have it." ok.. people... is anyone sitting there going WTF? bc i was kind of stunned, not too much though.. i mean it IS Janice after all.. her perception of the world and how it works is that of a giraffe on crack. why a giraffe you ask... bc a giraffe looks down on everything. So this woman somehow believes that by yelling at me, for something Christa did, because we work the same shift, it will be like she is yelling at her vicariously through me. which by the way is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard!!! her perception of everything is so tragically skewed. yeah.. so.. even before i get there i know how my day is going to go. oh and the best part, because of all this i am probably going to be late for transport, because she will be taking time to yell at me for something i didn't do. unreal.

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