More on the goose..

So it seems she stays at my place for a while then likes to make rounds around the neighborhood, i woke up this morning and she was in poor George's backyard, pretty much standing at his door, so i ran over and got her, i think we might be giving her too much bread, she hasn't really touched her food yet?? i was warned bread makes her fat, oh well.. but it seems to be the only way to lure her home??? another funny thing is our place of work was talking to mike the other day and asked him if they could write in the CLA news letter about the goose... so apparently either our CLA's have no news, or a goose is news worthy??? odd non the less. Michael's boss Bob wants to bring his grandchildren up to see the goose, i mean geepers, it's just a goose, granted its a super cool goose, but.. i don't get it.. lol.. well .. thats pretty much all.. off to a fun filled day of working alone ick

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