The Party..

So as expected only one person really showed up. Eric. I never ate the ham.. i couldn't after i ripped the skin off of it... ewwww.... Mocha was happy though.. she got lots of ham and skin and such... Mike seemed to have a good time.. he really liked the cake i made.. and i got all cheesy with it and put sponge bob on the cake with those sugar things you can buy. he thought it was cute. Eric and i stayed up until 1 am talking.. (mike ended us leaving for an over night shift at 10:30.. ) i had eric cracking up at the movie on you tube...
 http://youtube.com/watch?v=m9Yt0zufrSA (or do a search for "The Front Fell Off" ) its insanely funny.. worth watching. anyways he fell on the floor with laughter and timmy ran over and hugged his head telling him it was ok.. and eric laughed all the harder and then fell over again this time taking timmy with him and then timmy was laughing.. it was quite the spectacle. lol.. the one thing eric is good for is having educated conversation, so after his laughing fit we sat there talking about how ridiculous the real-estate market is getting and other things like that. he is convinced one has to work for ones self to make any money. who knows these days. wll thats all for now!!!

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