Dr. Phil.. oy.

Nothing like TV to instill fear in the world. Dr. Phil is doing a segment tonight on sex offenders. sooo i of cource went online to see where they are around us. there are 33 within 15 miles of me. 11 of them are less than a mile away one is two blocks away. omg. wow. soooo if you haven't yet, and you have kids... go online and check. i showed timmy their pictures so he is aware. god knows any more. so to fix my bummer of a day... i decided to watch Tom and Jerry cartoons!! nothing like a good 1950's cartoon to cheer you up! mike made an interesting point no wonder there was so much war.. the cartoon are sooooo violent! just look at the episode entitled "Jerry and the Goldfish" he has the gold fish on the stove.. in his fish bowl making soup out of him. stirring the poor fish in the bowl. then comes jerry.. who throws toms head into the stove! the stove! then he takes him out at the knees with a baseball bat! like wow. and i think after that it was a frying pan to the face and running into a hot iron. michael makes a valid point.. but i don't think the cartoons are to blame.. its just stupid juvenile people bent on world domination. haha... like Pinky and the Brain. oy. soooo.. then we watched Tom and Jerry for like five hours... had a romp in the hay.. while watching Tom and Jerry... michael commented on how amusing that was and that i should write about it.. so there it is i did it. lol.. i am still watching Tom and Jerry and laying here.. bored.. as usual.. i have a big day tomorrow too!!! and its 3:22 am here... i have to cook the 10.5 lb. ham... make german potato salad from scratch... bake the triple chocolate fudge cake with triple chocolate fudge icing and chocolate chips. its going to be a chocolate over kill... but michael loves chocolate.. and tomorrow is his 29th birthday... :) one more year until he is out of his twenties.. sooo we have to make it a good day. we are having a few friends over.. Joe (he is the MOST over dramatic, psycho, drama queen, gay man i know.) Carrie Anne (joe's good friend), Eric (a car dealer who prides himself on being the "worlds biggest asshole" Megan (our neighbor downstairs, if her family leaves in time) and i have yet to ask the other Mike (my art major friend who NEVER sleeps and is all ways goofy because of it.) should be an interesting night.. i will take some pics and let you know how it goes.. lol...

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