possibly the most uneventful night. we were supposed to have a quiz but our teacher forgot... haha..oops.. and then one girl went home because she wouldn't stop throwing up. another couldn't talk because she just had a tooth pulled... it was like the room of wounded soldiers. i got home and apparently my poor puppy has a broken tail. mike figured it out. he was putting her doggie diaper on (she is in heat) and she yelped and he heard bones cracking (cringe) and she wouldn't let him go near her again. it sounds bad but mike didn't break her tail.. it was all ready broken, he just put the bones back in place unintentionally. now in class tonight they were talking about how much breaking a tail bone hurts on a human. i felt really bad for the pup. so instead of having her wear the diaper we left it off and are going to quarantine her in the kitchen so she can't splatter blood all over the house. but again.. not as mean as it sounds... we made her a tent with the cabinets and blankets and got a huge cushion from outside and put a fleece blanket over it in the tent. (she likes to burrow under our covers so its pretty close :)) good enough for her see seems happy. thats all that matters. she couldn't even sit with the diaper on poor baby... so now she is resting happily in her little puppy tent.

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