So this is my first entry...

Well... where to begin.. have you ever had a friend that was just so dumb that you wanted to punch her in the head? i found out during this week that i had one of those. we have recently stopped talking, and thank god, but she won't go away!!! it's absolutely insane. she wants her child's bike back, i would gladly give it to her in a heart beat but for some reason she has decided that it would be detrimental her health to set foot on my property? This is kind of interesting due to the fact that this woman who shall remain nameless recently smeared dog poop all over her ex lovers car... and i am the crazy one. who knows. any ways, off topic, she wants this bike, now,i drive a little and i mean little 1995 honda accord.. and this bike is the size of a motorcycle.. NOT GOING TO FIT! soooo i can't bring it to her! i have explained this to her in as many different ways as possible.. she doesn't seem to grasp the shear mechanics of it. maybe i can ride it on the expressway to clarks summit. god that would be a sight to see.(a grown woman on a child's bike.. can we say clown car??) lol. ugg. well, to continue she took it upon her self to "speak with the local authorities" about the fact that i wont give her this bike. and she wont come get it. save the fact that she owes us money. i should be the one "talking to the authorities" i don't particularly want dog poop smeared all over my little honda accord. and it's not like i can hide the thing i have covered it with bumper stickers to cover all the spots where i have backed into small objects, or things that i don't remember doing. it's a driving billboard, and it's all hippy crap, objections to the war, objections to smoking bans, objections to the way people are treated in tibet, have you ever noticed hippies have a lot to complain about? funny.. and all they do is smoke pot all day, i should know.. i used to be a part of that culture, maybe that's her problem, she is too retarded from all the dope she has smoked over the years.. who knows... i just know that i might be at the magistrate by the end of the week requesting a restraining order like her poor ex lover. i seem to have this innate ability to attract the whack jobs of the world. Now don't get me wrong, they aren't all bad, some are funny (such as "the drunk guy" or "Sharkey" we love him, and he is in love with me, doesn't care who he says it to either the list includes my fiance. lmao.) but then there are the ones like these, who poison the gene pool. it's sad really. her mother should have swallowed her.

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