I had a nice suprise last night  my best friend called... (i can't tell you his name because he is a very elusive person...but i will post his picture... lol ) it was nice to hear from him since he seemed to disappear for a little while there... oops. and i actually got to bed at a decent hour. go me.. no more drama from the nameless one, thank god. i have spent a lot of time cleaning... its become some what of an obession, due to the fact that i have absolutly nothing better to do with my life.. lol waiting around to see if i get my unemployment back, if not then i'll find a job. yippee. i actually like doing nothing, i still feel like i am being productive even though i really am not. ha. i am going to make some chicken corn chowder.. mmmmm... its a big hit in this house since i put an astronomical amount of spices in it. its like eating corn that is lit on fire with some cream and potatoes. lol. they like the spicy food here. it will be great when the farmers market opens up and i can go buy vegetables for cheap. then i can make my curry veggies and rice or curry eggplant. i like exotic cooking... its more interesting. and lucky for me Timmy loves to eat ANYTHING. it would be tough if he was picky like my brother, he's the pasta and butter type. ew. for a 12 year old he loves different things. i was like that too. we all ways had the three tastes rule, try it three times, if you don't like it then fine (thanks mr. vennables) of course my brother would LOATH that rule but it got me to be adventurous. let my taste buds live on the edge. what the hell did i just say? god. hehe.. maybe i do need to get out. ok im gonna go before i say something else retarded. 

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