damn.. i had my tooth ripped out yesterday! not fun.. think the stitches are falling out. trying no to eat a lot or take my pain pills.. they aren't any fun. i don't enjoy not knowing what i am doing.. and sleeping all day is a waste of life. but then again, i don't bleed as much when i am asleep or just laying down for that matter.. i painted four pictures today though... that was nice. i am not sure what to do with myself with this empty house!! did i tell you. no.. i didn't in light of dick head i now have a gorgeous house!!!! i love it here.. it was such a good find away in the country on an acre of land, it has built in gardens and a river and raspberry bushes, and blueberry bushes.. and black berries.. and a lake for fishing just over the train tracks!!! woot! and guess what the oven even works and it has a dishwasher...... here are some picures...

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