Today turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day!! We spent our morning galavanting around town, Timmy and I got the Sheets version of the 7-11 Slurpie... then we went to kitty's house to find her. she wasn't home after wards we looked for Jimmy Clark.. couldn't find him so then we called is work, he was there.. he told us to follow Waverly road to Lackawanna state park. He lied. we didn't find it. but we were close to Keystone College. so i decided to stay on the back road and follow it up. We met up with some of my old college buddies.. the lifers, Mark Chuck gave Timmy some clay to take home.. well like 30 Lbs of it. then he gave us CORRECT directions to the state park. they were great. except for the fact that the park lied. they put the sign where there was no park! WTF? so we drove 4 miles in the wrong direction, only to fine if i had gone literally another 10ft we would have been at the park before that!!! so upon finally finding the park, we sat there basking in the sunshine timmy caught some tadpoles.. only they were the largest tadpole i have ever seen! we took two home along with the frog eggs with the understanding that when they turned to frogs they would be returned to the park. then we went and picked kitty up and grilled hot dogs and hamburgers outside. we watched a few shows and then took kitty home. you know there is something to be said about flying down the road with the wind in you hair at 11:30 at night blasting the doors.. there is also something to be said for drinking too much NyQuill.. oops.

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