It just never ends...

and today.. from Timmy's former foster mother,

So you say Timmy was your life, where is his diamond (BTW a tiny fake diamond he found on the street.. reasonably, does anyone think i have a clue where this is??) and bee bee gun (we don't have his bb gun, not to mention, i don't see him going after Harold for his other two bb guns) and all the other things you didn't give back (what things???) ? When you love someone you give them there stuff back. He is extremely hurt by this. (no, actually, if she knew him, he is playing the same game he played with Karen and Harold, not that i am surprised) You have no right to keep what was his.(i literally have NOTHING in my home of his) I would like to know where all his things are. (so would i I GAVE THEM BACK!!!!) When he left our house we sent him with everything. We love him very much and we know that his things are very important to him.



and my response,

I am contacting a lawyer. This is harassment. I have had quite enough. how DARE you question my devotion to the child I offered to take in? You don't even know the half of what I went through for him. My decision to take him in cost me my job, and money I didn't have to spend on him. You think you know everything sitting on your high horse. NO ONE in his family offered to take him in for even a second. They all turned the other way. I did not EVER expect to take him in, I had no desire to be a foster parent, not until he needed me. I suppose thats all easy to forget. not to mention the countless hours I spent helping him with his homework, watching him when things were rough at home, even before he moved into my home. I even stuck with him when Michael left me for a while, because I wasn't willing to let him go to a house he didn't know and believe me i struggled. You don't know a thing so don't assume! Everything we had in our home we gave back. If he isn't even living with you any more I suggest you find someone else to harass and don't think for one second I don't know what you put him up to. I am not a moron. And reading through my myspace as you were, is despicable. Your games are tired. leave me and my family alone. He hasn't lived with me for at least 8 months now!! This needs to end. Contact me again and I will report you.



Lost said...

I'm not sure I follow well enough to comment. But I will say, I'm sorry you're going through this bullshit. :(

BluExtacy said...

umm.. thats from Trisha, the woman that Timmy (my foster son) went to live with after me, remember the letter from the lawyer? its all the same damn thing. people don't know how to let stuff go, and just move on, i mean what would i do with a 13 year olds belongings? i have no reason to keep them, what this bitch fails to realize is i had exactly 3 days to pack up my stuff and get out of my house, i didn't grab everything. i took as much as i could. if children and youth had done their job like they should have, they would have come an taken it all when i called upwards of 40 times for them to come get it. but they neglected to do so. i didn't ask to have him removed from my home, there fore they should finish the removal process. fucking assholes. but whatever, people are idiots, and shit just happens.