Oh What a Night... (no, i'm in no mood to break out into THAT song :P)

so, i get to work and i hear k screaming at the top of her lungs like there was an axe murderer at her door (there wasn't in fact, there was noting.) that was fun, she didn't calm down either, not until i let her go to bed (which was at 4pm) then after i did pm care T decided to freak out. which is very unlike him, but i think he was mad bc his pj pants kept falling down, he ended up throwing his toy across the kitchen floor rather violently, the pieces of it spraying everywhere, thank-god none of the other residents were anywhere near. so i helped him into some new pj pants, and got him a drink, which is thickened juice. i'm not sure if any of you have had the pleasant experience of cleaning jello off of surfaces, but its not fun and thats basically what thickened liquid becomes. well.. he took one sip and threw the cup, the full cup. then it hit the light above the kitchen table, down comes a spray of glass, then it hits the wall by the window, it gets in the screen, it gets on the wall, on the floor, on the table, on the chairs, just everywhere. lovely. so i decided i should just try to get him to bed. yeah, uhhh no? he throws his pillow off the bed, his blankets, and all his toys out of the toy-box. more mess, so i make every attempt to get him in bed, to no avail. so i start picking up his room, and then remember the drink, yay.. now its like dried yellow on everything. *sigh* pretty much the whole night went on like this, and then j got upset and started acting out bc of t... i was going to commit homicide. (not really but i was freaking out) and i am sure i'll go back and janice will have something to complain about. oh and i finally think to tell her a funny story from when i got my nails done.. i had taken j there the night before, and so the lady goes wheres your boyfriend lol.. bc j kept holding my hand and saying "she mine" meaning me it was cute.. well Janice's reaction "i hope she was being sarcastic" now wtf is that? fucking duh it was sarcasm... ummm ew? and lord is that offensive!

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Lost said...

Janice is retarded, that's all I'll say about that.