yes, that is a good word, it has been unacceptably long since i have last posted here.. good lord! like last freggin month.. i am a terrible slacker *hangs head* i suppose its because i really haven't had too much interesting to say. lets see, so on the janice front, she has been frighteningly nice to me lately, save for putting me on schedule for my day off with out asking first. but really no complaints there, even gave me yesterday off. though a bit of a funny revelation heather and i had today, well not funny, but funny for what could happen, every day heather goes running at lake scranton, and every day she sees janice running there, here's the fun part, she sees her at like 1pm or 2pm, and janice is on the clock until 3pm. heather also told me she has seen the work van there on numerous occasions, which is also interesting because i wonder what she writes on the van log? does she fudge the time? i mean i guess she doesn't need to fudge the millage, because it is on her way back from day program.. but sheesh! if that isn't a blatant disregard for the company i don't know what is! and then heather and i were talking like friday i think it was about how nell doesn't mop the floors, so she put a line on the bottle of the floor cleaner and a rubber band around the mop, and a piece of paper in the floor cleaner top, one that would certainly fall out if you used it. heather then wasn't on for two days, the level was still at the line, the paper still there and the rubber band still on the mop, thus confirming our suspicions. of course really nothing we can do about it. i am pretty sure neither of them can do a thing to get fired which is unfortunate, because i have never seen people get away with so much, oh and i told janice that i had suspicions that nell wasn't cleaning and charging the razors at night, because the one was never done, so when she got a new one, i left the charger up in the box, and low and behold, charger was still in the box the next day, plastic and all.. confirming my suspicions, freggin a! does she do anything on her shift? christa told me she found her sleeping in a residents bed the one time.. its just unreal.. but.. heck karma.. it's a bitch and eventually it will come back to them. just have to wait for the right person to come along with enough pull.. eh anyways.. thats about that... and on a side note, i set my washing machine on fire tonight.


Lost said...

How do you set your machine on fire?

BluExtacy said...

im just that cool!!!! no.. sadly not... setting of small load + large load = one part spinning the other not which = friction, which then = fire and smell of burning plastic all over the house, uhhh oops?