The girl I work with disgusts me, she is 21 and pregnant by an 18 year old guy, in his senior year of high school. At the time of conception, he was 17. According to her the cops here don't care.

She is a horrible person, proud she still lives with her mother, in a double wide trailer. But not only does she live in a trailer, but she aspires to being just like the stereotypical "trailer trash" she can't wait to be able to "quit and go on welfare" no joke, this is what she wants, its not a matter of necessity as it is for some, she just wants to do it. She tells me things like I am going to be my baby's best friend, which we all know is terribly wrong, children need parents to guide and teach them, not to be their friends! The things she says really pains me to hear.

And then there's the ever so classy shirts she chooses to wear, as in the picture above, she told me her next one would be "I'm not fat, I'm knocked up!" excuse me while I vomit.

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