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Apparently when you make a comment there, the parents of the person you are commenting on, decide they HAVE TO send you a myspace message, I should say this is the first time this has ever happened.. however, it is annoying as all hell. So I am going to share with you the lovely conversation I had with Terrell Scott's mother Holly. *sigh*

It's all in reference to this article, I warn you it's very graphic

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From: ♥Wicked Sweet Rockin' Chick♥
To: *Karin E. Overfield*
Date: Jul 6, 2009 1:25 AM
Subject: my son

This is Terrell Scott's mom Holly,
It's so messed up that the women and her girls are lying!!! I've known the mom and the girls for over three yrs. The mom and the girls all have police records, which the Easton cops and Easton Children and Youth are well aware of, way before my son was ever involved in his Ex's (Crystal Hodgkins) life. It's messed up that for some reason that bit of info was left out. I have so much evidence to show that the police messed up A LOT with this case and evidence to show that my son is innocence. Mind you my son doesn't even have a police record. So everyone who feels my son will gets his, just think how strange it is that all of Crystal Hodgkins and all of her daughter's wrong doings weren't even mentioned. And by the way Crystal and the girls, who called Terrell their "Daddy" and me "Grand mom", just want to say thanks a lot for putting my son behind bars. And to my sweet son, Mommy and everyone who knows the truth we are all trying our best to set you free, and clear your name.

so I just wrote back with...

"uhhh way confused?"

(mainly because this was from like a month ago! why would I remember some comment on DD from a month ago??!)

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From: ♥Wicked Sweet Rockin' Chick♥
To: *Karin E. Overfield*
Date: Jul 26, 2009 10:55 PM
Subject: RE: my son

I wrote 2 u a while ago, reguarding the comment u placed on demon website. And I wrote 2 every1 who placed a comment and bad 1's and they didn't even know the full story b4 that had something about the story.

I wrote back with

"yeah, i figured it out, i understand your need as his mother to clear his name, but he admitted to splitting the child's fingernails, i mean common lady.. thats disgusting, i myself lost my foster child to a child molester, i have no patience for this type of bs, i know how it affects the children, and the families, how about instead of wasting your time writing to everyone who said something ill about your son, why don't you realize he needs help.
Here, you can read my story.


god does everything for a reason, we can either accept and learn. or deny and never heal."

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From: ♥Wicked Sweet Rockin' Chick♥
To: *Karin E. Overfield*
Date: Jul 27, 2009 8:29 AM
Subject: my son

if u read my myspace or mt son's myspace or the cooments I wrote I wrote he was forced by the cops 2 admitt 2 something on my myspace there r pleanty of pics of the kids! also on dreaming demon his ex admitted she LIED ON MY SON cause she was mad he was leaving her after being w/her for over 3 yrs & my son & I told chilldren & youth on her & they took the kids away she was getting close to 2000.00 a month for the kids. so instead of u trashing my son do ur research and READ!

another thing that will come out is how messed up the system is &how the cops didn't read my son his rights or how they wouldn't give him a lawyer & the research my father myself & private investergator is how crooked the cops the luzerne children and youth & easton's cops &easton's children& youth are. the bottom line is that crystal said she lied cause she was mad at my son leaving her & ratting her out look at her pic ( http://www.myspace.com/freeterrellscott) mind u she's a drug abuser (my son never used drugs or ever drank) and she's a 47 yr.old white women(who's been in the system 4 over 20 yrs. she's had 8 kids one even died in foster kids & all her kids have special needs....hmmmm cause she used drugs during her pregnancy) & if u belive it or not a white women can lie on a black man in a second. & w/out checking in2 any of the facts they will lock up a black man in a second. there r pleanty of pics of her kids who called me grandma & I saw the kids at lease 2x a week for over 3 yrs. http://www.myspace.com/wickedsweetrockinchick so again read the true facts instead of jumping the gun & accusing someone how would u like it.

♥Wicked Sweet Rock...
Jul 27, 2009 11:43 AM
RE: my son

Hey chickie, no one is jumping the gun, who is to say what you say is actually fact? I read your ridiculous site, even before you sent it to me, you have proven nothing. You know what happened the first time Nick decided to touch a child? His mother defended him instead of getting him help, she refused to believe what the police found to be true. He then went on to touch children again. It is your duty as a parent to help your child, not to send obnoxious emails to people, who really don't care either way. Police men/women do not force you to say things. That is absolutely absurd. You are no different than my mother, who refuses to believe my brother is a drug user despite the fact that, my brother has done nothing correct in his life and has caused my father and myself a massive amount of heart ache. Between having two abortions with some disgusting girl, smoking Pot, using Acid, eating Mushrooms, smoking Dust, nearly killing my mother in a drunken rage two christmas' ago, getting caught sleeping with a 16 year old yesterday, my mother still somehow can turn a blind eye. This scares me on many levels, her denial is so deep, to her he never used drugs, he never had the abortions and what happened yesterday never happened. He is her little angel and always will be. Don't get me wrong, I love my mother but her head is clouded. This could very well be the case with you, parents often find it rather hard to admit when their child has done something horrific. You know you didn't raise him like that, you know thats not what you taught him, and you are convinced he actually learned something from it. That is the wrong path to walk. Nick's mother figured this out herself, when after turning a blind eye the first time, he then went a few years later and touched four children in my house, and another 9 in ct. to be 100% honest with you, I really don't give two shits what happens to your son, I don't care what happens to you, to me you are some crazy ass chick that refuses to open her eyes and has created delusions to make herself feel better. Honestly, I pity you. I will pray that you find some peace, you obviously are quite an angry woman, and quite a confused one. I will pray that when the verdict comes down, and he stays in jail that you will accept it in your heart, because if you don't, you life will be a very unhappy one. Please stop contacting me, people will talk, people will say things that are not nice, what you are doing is NOT clearing his name, it is harassment, and I don't have time for it. You are only succeeding in annoying the ever-loving hell out of me. In fact, your testimony towards him makes me believe he did it all the more. You have a lot to learn about people and how to interact with them, and not to mention, you may need to go back to elementary school, your writing is horrific. If you want people to listen try a different approach, ranting and raving like and illiterate psycho will get you NOWHERE. Please don't contact me again.


Jackarooo said...

why are you bothering to communicate with her at all

BluExtacy said...

ummm amusement?