Green Skies..

So, I wake up today to thunder, thinking shit, I left my windows open in my car! So I quick throw some clothes on and I'm weird, I like thunderstorms so I check the radar to see what we are in for.... Uhhhh yeah... I see this, " TORNADO WARNING FOR... EAST CENTRAL LACKAWANNA COUNTY IN NORTHEAST PENNSYLVANIA... AT 1028 AM EDT...NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE DOPPLER RADAR INDICATED A SEVERE THUNDERSTORM CAPABLE OF PRODUCING A TORNADO NEAR MOSCOW... MOVING NORTHEAST AT 35 MP" ok, so for starters... This is the first time they ever specified Moscow in a special weather statement, so I'm like oh shit! Then it hits me.. I don't have a basement in this house, and George isn't home so I can't use his... Oh crap! Now in case you missed it, this is a WARNING not a watch, meaning like take cover! So yeah, I called my daddy tweaking out, what do we do? Bc we do have this little crawl space, he decided that was no good and that we should sit in the kitchen so at least if when the roof caves in, it will hit the fridge not us, and to watch the animals they will start acting weird right before... Like mocha actually standing in the window while there is thunder weird? Bc that dog hates thunder! Rar! So as my dad is looking at this radar, he says its just over 380 heading your way, so I think OMG, Janice will be on 380 right this second getting off the daleville exit! Well as I'm thinking this she calls to say that the rain was cycloning around the van, there's a tornado heading in your direction, now I'm really tweaking she's only 8 mins from me. Crap. Sooooo I go in the kitchen and wait, and not gonna lie, pray a lot. Then I notice instead of getting louder, the thunder is dissipating, and the skies are clearing, daddy called and said it Just missed us but don't go out yet, there is another cell coming behind about 20 miles back, he will keep an eye on it. So, for now, we're ok, and thank god.
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Jackarooo said...

so had u died ...we would of had the play by play of how it happened... how considerate?!?