Funny story from work..

Ok.. so last night was a little insane... involving water from the shower head getting pointed into the hallway... yeah, that sucked to try and clean up, so that was what it was, but i didn't get the laundry even started before the fill in chick got there, she decided to put ALLLLL of it in the washer at once, which was wayyy too much, the washer couldn't spin out properly, so this genious accepts this and puts all the SOPPING wet clothes in the drier. (and i mean sopping, it took mo 5 spin out cycles to get them dry) now its 2am.. this chick is calling me to tell me that the drier doesn't work.. uhh.. so i tell mike bc he is good with these things, he gave all sorts of ideas... blah.. yeah.. of all the dumb things... i am just miffed at the shear stupidity of this. its so dumb its amusing.

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Anonymous said...

That made me go, "Ouch!"

Good for you that you can seem to laugh it off- i guess in hindsight, i'd TRY to take it easy, but while it was happening, i'd had shot the lady with whatever i'd have laid sight on.