Wicked thoughts...

For some time now i have been trying to help my good friend with a heroin addiction. she has been clean for a while. doing great but dealing with some hard issues such as relationships. her man in in rehab many states away. he cheated on her a long time ago. more than once. i am very concerned for her. its hard. and in helping her deal i am revisiting some of my own somber emotions towards my break up two years ago. the guy i loved cheated on my many times through out our 5 year relationship. i knew.. but i didn't really know until one of the girls a lesbian might i add became pregnant. it is hard for me because i apparently haven't dealt much with my life as it is. and i am very content. and its always when you are content that things go terribly wrong. i love my life. i love my family and i couldn't ask for a thing more. and this friend with the problem has become a cherished member of our family. both me and michael love her to death. me and this girl have been through so much together, we survived flipping my car, and we survived our men treating us like yesterdays trash. and some how through it all we remained best friends, aside from my male best friend. lol. its just odd how we as humans can find ways to just numb our emotions and move one. and they hit just when you don't expect them to.

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