CT again..

we went to ct.. the race never even happened it got stormed out! rar.. but T thought the storm was cool anyways! :) we went to the lake house in Old Lyme and my mom took me and T to a great book store called "The Book Barn" it was a multi building bookstore.. they buy old books and sell books for like a buck. they were all themed, like one was horror themed.. for the horror books.. it had spider-webs a black cat.. a live one.. gargoyles etc. there was a goat pen that was cool too one tried to eat my dress. i had a good time. we went into some other stores too little shoppes and had lunch at some seafood place on the boardwalk in Niantic. great food at that too. then we headed back for Fairfield. My dad changed my oil, my bother came home stoned and we didn't see him at all while we were there. guess he doesn't care to see me.. thats cool. screw him too. we hung out with N and looked at some wedding pictures he too. he is soo good with a camera.  i am quite jealous one of the ones in particular was the flower girl on the fountain. he captured that one almost flawlessly.. then N followed us back to Pa and spent the night here on friday, he is gone now.. he will be back monday we hope!!!! he went to visit some other friends in central pa.. :( we miss him :) lol.. well any ways.. thats all!

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