From Great To Shit...

i was so happy.. i thought i could move out to montrose and actually have a nice place out there... well as it turns out the base pay for a CNA in montrose is $7.75 and i would like to add that the minimum wage in pa is $7.15 so i would make just a little over minimum. its ridicules! in scranton a CNA makes $15.95 and its only one county away. the worst part is the rent in montrose is just the same as the rent in scranton. its unreal. so now we are looking in tunkhannock, i used to believe in fate, i thought that i was meant to meet the man i did in montrose when i was looking for an a house. i thought that it was destiny that my dream would be full-filled earlier than i thought i would come to fruition. if i can't find anything in tunkhannock i will look BACK in clarks summit. i am not a huge fan of cs but.. a home is a home and i just want one. i want to be some place i can be happy. we'll see if that can happen. i hope if ANYONE is reading this please say a prayer or send some good chi for me... what ever you believe. please

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