idle thoughts.

I was sitting here listening to the four seasons and the temptations, thinking about my life. i am taking timmy to CT on sunday night, my dad placed first in class first in fleet in the boat race therefore he is going to finals. he invited me and timmy as one of the crew. everyone keeps reminding me that not many people have chances like this. i feel like i take what was given to me in life for granted. that i just float on with out realizing that i am a very lucky person. i had vacation homes, boats, cars, vacations... i saw many things.. not a lot of people get that. am i that oblivious? i am just happy i can give that to timmy. i was brushing up on his nautical speak, teaching him about the boat so he can be a useful crew member rather than a tagalong.... and my friends here in pa think i am insane because i know all about boats. sail boats are for snobs. i guess... but its what i know. and i am excited to share it with timmy. we are going on a mommy son vacation. he will die when he sees how intense the race will be. i grew up on the beach, at the university swimming pool the lake and the cascades.. i can take him to the boardwalk at captain's cove... its his birthday. i don't know... why does everyone need to make me second guess my life? is it really bad that i had all that? or is it just shear jealousy? because if thats the problem ill take everyone with me the next time. my family was brought up to not be snobby and posh like the rest of the rich kids. i think i avoided the stigma that goes with it. i am far from a snob. i spend my life sharing what i have and loving everyone. a snob couldn't or wouldn't give a normal non rich person the time of day! that is not me i talk to everyone. fuck.

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