I can't think of one...

so i went outside... and i immediately smelt a fire.. a nice warm cozy fire.. this doesn't surprise me because it was 25 degrees last night. and 32 tonight.. so it is COLD! i am very happy about this though i love the winter. when i was younger i always associated the smell of fire to be "smells like pennsylvania" we never really smelt it in CT but when we came to see grandma and grandpa.. you always did. i started thinking about Vermont again.. and Johnny Seesaws..http://www.jseesaw.com/ if you want to look.. it is a very cozy restaurant we would all go to. best food i have ever eaten next to the Swiss Inn which is also there. http://www.swissinn.com/ which is another very cozy place. best german/swiss food i have had in a very long time. but as usual i digress... it reminded me of sitting at Johnny Seesaws next to that huge fireplace.. sipping hot-chocolate listening to the crackle of the fire and watching the snow falling softly outside. i remember when we used to ski up at Bromley Mt. (thats where the house was) i was obsessed with the one trail called "run around" it was a green circle trail.. which for me was silly because i am a good skier.. but thats not why i liked it.. the trail started at the top of the mountain. if you were to catch it on a good day when all the trees are iced over... and everything is sparkling and glinting in the sunlight... it's as if the world is made of crystal. i used to sit up there for a while .. just as the sun started going down... on my last run.. the sky would be a fiery read and the trees covered in ice would glow red..then i would treck back through the woods to the house. where we would have that warm dinner i spoke of earlier... some nights me and my father would sneak out and slead down the mountain... if i remember correctly one time on cardboard boxes lol.. we didn't remember the sleds. the mountain was closed and the snow cats would be out grooming the mountain. they would scare the hell out of me. but. it didn't matter we still had fun.... not sure why i am so reminiscent lately.. just seems to be happening lol.. and i am sharing it with you unfortunate people haha.

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