Resolved to Not Really Care...

In light of all this current B.S. i find my self questioning why do i really care? why does this bother me? i used to be a person who nothing would even phase me for a second! i realized i have been on edge a lot lately. a real lot. and it just isn't me. it's time for a change. this life i am leading.. is just.. not right.. i need to remember my roots. i am better than all these morons, normally i would laugh and pity them. and you know what? i do. i can offer the world. if you don't want the world don't take it! i don't care.. be content with your mediocre life. but you will never know the love i have. and that is fine. it's your problem not mine. i have fought a good fight.. and now i am done. i am done being angry, i am done being stressed, i am quite frankly done giving a fuck. i am going back to me.. i am getting my life back that is all i have to care about right now. it is my goal to once in my damn life be selfish instead of selfless.. don't like it? well i don't care! i have done things for everyone forever. its only brought me pain and now its time for me. i will rise above. i am strong i have concurred and preserved before.. even in the sight of adversity.. and i will do it again. so back the fuck off... i am done with it all! go find another hand out.. someone else to listen to your sob story.. someone else you can mooch off of.. it won't be me any more. i know it sounds harsh but you should hear some of the words that come out or your mouths.. you should realize what you say to me.. what you expect from me.. and why because i have shown you kindness in the past? you don't care.. you don't care one bit about what i do for you.. you don't realize the life i gave up for half of you. and you never even thanked me. i didn't have to do any of it. not one damn thing. but i was there for all of you when you needed me and when i needed you it was stfu.. soooo to you i say good bye.. leave me alone! i am sooo done.

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