Letter From Nick Pinto..

Ok.. so i wasn't going to share this.. but i typed it for Steve so i figured the work has already been put fourth.. so fuck it.. ill share it with you all... that scum-bag had written me a letter from jail. trying to convince me that he did not touch the children, that he did not ruin my whole life, and could i please find him a lawyer? needless to say i didn't answer the letter and i don't think i plan on it. i should also say that i he sent it before they charged him with 87 counts of child pornography.

"I suppose i deserve most of what i am getting in fact it's hard enough to sit here and write this while i am still recovering from my first one-sided fight with my previous cell mate how do you tell a 300lb black man that you arent gay? usually face down. now i get all of eric's jokes you he and kitty were all spot on about everything...

All i wish for now is a fair trial ive writen to ask you if you could look around and/or ask your cousin if there are any pro-bono or pay-scale attorneys out here that would be willing to assist me in what should be an easy death sentence not even so much as for me as i have forfited my whole life but more for the family that i have alienated; danielle (his sister) will be okay but she wont be able to take care of them on her own as i am sure you know i was investigated by cyf for suspected sexual abuse and it was determined unfounded (before the 87 counts got handed down) i have never mollested "touched" abused taken advantage of or gotten intimate with a child i know i am going on no credibility now but i hope this report might spark just a little belief that i am telling the truth i cant address anything more bc of the risk that you may be sitting opposite me if i actually make it to trial beyond that will be the 20 and 1 civil suits on top of it.

still i have to try to appeal to you as you are the only friend ive had who is capable and knowledgeable there is no way i can do it while inside i can hardly ask mom and dad as i finally got two paragraphs from then a few days ago i broke my mothers heart karin i have no home to call my own lost are my family friends skill experiences creativity art and originality
everything that defined me and made me who i am every night i catch more than 30 mins of sleep i relive and witness new possible devastation that i MAY have caused there is no information on the damage my tidal wave of destruction has caused yet. I am still paying every day every night, you'd think that having lost everything and having no value on your own life would be enough reason to not worry anymore but killing somone for killing another never brings that person back

all i have the gaul left to ask this world is for the chance to take care of my parents as they cared for me i was very serious about becoming an rn as you suggested that plan is forsaken (omg can you imagine!?!?!) i would have been good training but ill still find work and ill still be there for them

its hard to write a farewell letter, and it wasnt my intent. when i write my mind goes off on its own its a chance to say good bye which i wont be able to do for my few other friends there's so much left to say only so much paper lefft in the world
of al the friends ive lost i regret loosing my oldest and closest friend things should have been different i always knew something would happen to take my life i always imagined it would be death i also thought it would've come a little later and not in the path of my best friend

the one friend ive made in this hell pit is a 56 year old that reminds me so of my grandfather he has Alzheimer's he wont remember me when he gets out next month very poetic given my final vicissitudes dad is allready 50 mom too this year the one comfort i have left in this world is this cheap $30 dollar-store am/fm radio and the classical jazz oldies and classic rock stations out while i watch the weather come over the mountains to the south its either this or the holy bible thats very popular here

i beg you one last tiem please karin what ever happens thank you for everything it was an honor and a pleasure growing up with you take good care of yourself your one of the few people this world needs


ready or not here i come... ha ha .. i wish... i really do"

soooo yeah... the balls on the mother fucker are amazing.. just amazing.. and talk about trying to play the guilt card. and he didn't even say one im sorry not one. he doesn't care. he is just desperate. and a fucking dick from fucking hell and he should be fucking shot.

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