So apparently people want to play games. I really don't want to. I have no interest in this childish stuff.. they lie to a child's face.. they tell the poor chid we are doing this for your own good while taking away his freedoms. while taking away his privacy and the privacy of the people around him. if his friends wanted these sanctimonious fuck tards reading their myspace pages or blogs or twitters or what have you they would have added them as friends. Apparently they have serious boundary issues, and seriously it really disgusts me. who do they think they are? polly perfect? have they never done a thing wrong in their life that they feel the need to search through pages and pages of other peoples lives searching for some wrong another has done? do they realize what an utter disgrace this is? probably not. they probably have convince themselves they are justified.. yes david and trisha i mean you. you disgust me. your manipulation is utterly maniacal. pitting children against other adults is the most disgraceful thing i have ever in my entire life witnessed. you are of the lowest of life form. a bottom dweller. to mess with and confuse a child's emotions is just wrong. if you want to keep him that badly just tell him that... for Christ's sake just be honest with the boy. and be honest with us. we aren't fighting you on this. you don't have to go behind our backs and make a mockery of what we had. do the mature adult thing and grow some balls. i mean seriously. what are you 10? are we back in 6th grade? are we back to whispers and rumors in the classroom? grow up! and stop making us look like heathens. all we did was love him, we loved him before he lived in our home, we loved him as the neighbor kid we helped with his homework, (and not to nit-pick but we have love him for way more than two months!) yes we have made dire mistakes. non of which were intentional, and there is not a day that i do not regret them. the only important thing to me here is his happiness. if he is happier with you then so be it. and for real. this should be the only important thing to you. if he wants to be with us, give him that. has he not been through enough? goddamn-it! for once give the boy what he wants with out any bullshit! god you make me sick.

*on an added side note.. if you actually read this and are offended... well... hell you shouldn't be snooping in my shit.. so too bad.

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