so i haven't been sleeping well again, but at least i have company again for part of the night. :) and its actually someone with a brain. that is an utter miracle this day in age... or maybe thats because i live in pa? i dunno. anyways.. it seems that this Timmy thing is getting dragged on and on... so hope is fleeting... but not much i can do. think this is just seriously the year from hell... i really have no idea what's ahead, or how bad it is going to be.. or hurt for that matter... guess ill be content to be comatose at this point. its why i haven't been writing.. yeah avoidance. i have nothing good to say anyways. and as mother always said if you cant say something nice don't say a thing at all. haha.. crock of shit. well they are going on holiday on wednesday.. i wish i was. i would rather like to escape. Look at something different for a change. this house is getting old. very old. very fast. and i am quickly sinking deeper into depression. gotta do something! talk about feeling useless..

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