Going to try...

today i am supposed to go to the fair... we are picking up the drunk guy.. who is always funny.. i haven't seen my "Sharkey" in a long time. who just had to fuck with me on the phone a second ago. he's at work but leaving early to go with us. said he was happy i called when i did.. kept him from having to load the tent into the truck.. it looked like a bunch of crazy monkeys at the circus... oy... weird-o's .... so we will see how this goes.. i am going to take my camera.. i hope to get lots of pictures this year.. i never do any other year... the Wyoming County Fair is a big well to do out here. and one of these years i will actually remember to submit some artwork to the art part... oops... i guess even in my clouded sleepless state i am a small glimmer of excited to go.. its one of my favorite things in this world... maybe its what i need? family, good country family... some of Overfield's Apple Dumplings (LOL) and friends.. and fun... we will  see... i am just happy "Clarkey" is going.. ok i should explain.. his name is Jimmy Clark aka ... 1. "The drunk guy" (thats at party's "who's the drunk guy?") 2. "Sharkey" (while he is at work no fucking clue) 3. "Clarkey" (the bar the own lee place calls him that) 4. "Jimmy" thats what i call him.. cause thats this damn name!! lol.. but sometimes i change it up. he is an aged hippy... who got drafted... he's in pitiful shape and it is my life long project to get him to go to AA with me.. he is one person who i feel could benefit from it. (yes i know i slandered the hell out of AA in an earlier entry) but.. i dunno.. he is religious... and he needs to stop drinking!! he is amazing though.. he is the most functional alcoholic i have ever met! he goes to work drives his car.. does everything normal... and completely uninhibited.. its actually kind of impressive. and the cops in CS seem to leave him alone.. they know he isn't causing trouble. it seems like they dont mess with you if you don't give them good reason.. well anyways.. jimmy and his beaver chewed walking stick (hahah inside joke) are going with us... should be fun. more on it later.. with pictures :)

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