Susquehanna County

Sometimes people can't see past the tip of there nose, sure Susquehanna County is a poor run down looking county but it is rich with love, rich with families who have been there for generations, getting by on the crops they grow. No other county i have ever been to can compare to Susquehanna here the people know what a hard days work is and still know what respect is. Something city people have long forgotten. Where they know you at every food store, every diner, restaurant, bar and barber shop, and yes they still have corner barber shops. Its like taking a step back in time. Its a breath of fresh air for me at least. a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This place were god still walks freely among his people. It is all going to go away very soon. No one is seeing this coming though i see it like a wild possessed freight train smashing into the county. The oil river running under Susquehanna county carries with it a curse, the curse of industry, soon the whole county will have leased out some part of their land... will have huge oil rigs... on their farms.. pollution will start.. their crops will start dying.. but they wont care.. they will be making money off the oil they are selling.. the people that were once respectful church going country folk will grow to have that city money hungry mentality... they will loose site of where they came from.. forget their history.. turn into demons of greed. and when the oil river has dried up.. they will be left with nothing.. their crops will be dead and gone.. and we will have another Flint Michigan on our hands. so i say farewell to you susquehanna county. you were a beautiful place.

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