OMG! The Fair... and Jimmy hehe

So we had a fun time.. but jimmy was the funniest part.. i got to his house.. and he was sitting out there with a screwdriver (vodka and oj.. not the tool) in a Turkey Hill Lemonade bottle.. (geepers.. he could have at least put it in an oj container!!!) so he was "drunker than a catfish" as he says... like woah! so i offer to help him bring his stuff back inside.. and he starts telling me how he is at war with the pigeons??? (ok so at this point i look where he is pointing.. uh.. there aren't any pigeons...) so i ask.. why are you at war with them? he goes.. "well they sit up there and shit on me all day!" (i still don't see any pigeons...) so we get in the car and go to the fair.. the whole time he was telling us stories... good ones too.. as soon as we get to the fair we go see my aunt jill.. get our tickets and go in... well Jimmy starts asking about apple dumplings and do they have to come with ice cream? umm no? so after that we wonder around.. and he decides to try to go in the moon bounce (the one for children!!) they usher him away... mike and i walk really quickly in the other direction. he catches up with us.. we took some pictures and head to the cows and what not.. then we found the truck pull.. we got dinner and sat there and watched it.. then they announced they were going to do the raffle drawing.. so i said i would go over.. jimmy came with me.. mike stayed at the truck pull.. well as it turns out this opening ceremony they were doing the drawing at was 1 and 1/2 hours long.. ugg.. and jimmy was getting antsy at this point.. he started saying things really really loudly! so the poor queen of the fair is giving a speech about why people go to fairs.. here's jimmy.. he goes... "it ain't for the beer!! there isn't any!" i was like jimmy shhhhh!! lol.. he had a few more things to say too.. oy.. then.. they start the raffle.. well we didn't win on the $25 or $50 they get to the $100... they call the number it isn't ours... jimmy stands up.. to leave... (oops) and they go "looks like we have a winner!!" i was pulling him down saying sit jimmy!! seriously!! well he finally does after some fighting.. and they go.. is he a winner? i was like no.. he's just stupid.. lol.. omg.. then we leave.. and  go to the car to get my sweater.. the sun has gone down at this point.. it was freezing!! well my phone was dead.. so i plugged it in for a min in the car.. jimmy sits in the back.. i THOUGHT he was smoking his cigarette.. but he wasn't i suddenly smell weed.. omg... i go are you smoking a bowl? he goes "yeah why you want a hit?" i was like noooooo!!!! so here he is drunk and high.. wow. we walked around for a little while after that.. on the way home we stop to visit grandma and grandpa's graves.. to weed around them and say a few words.. well jimmy wouldn't stop talking.. but he was telling a story about my grandpa. then we get back to Clarks Summit.. i say.. hey jimmy did you tell mike about the pigeons? he goes noo, and tells him the story.. then says "oh did i tell you i have a slingshot?" so mike and i bust out laughing.. picturing him with two sticks and a pair of underwear trying to shoot pigeons off the electric line.. wow.. so.. it was a fun day to say the least!

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