Trip To CT

We finally got away for a few days.. it was LOTS of fun!! saw a lot of my family.. and actually found out that some of them i never thought were human actually are. (how strange is that?) i had a weird moment where i thought i was going to start bawling.. actually i was.. if i hadn't gone for a walk and called dave i would have. it was really hard being around all the other kids and the happy families knowing that i once had that. i think the worst thing in the world is loosing a child. but i pulled myself together and forced myself to have fun. we had a great clam bake, a good cook out... boat rides... long walks... strolled around niantic for a while... then we went to Kent and wandered around Macedonia for a few hours.. it was all over good.. and it was really nice to see dave again.. i really missed him. :) so thank god for the long needed break!

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