Omg it is soooo late!!!!

so i was asleep and da pup had like a nightmare?? or maybe a good dream.. not really sure which but she was barking in her sleep.. so i woke up.. and pulled her close to me and hugged her incase it was a bad dream.. but now i can't fall back asleep! and i am sad cause i didn't get to talk to dave today.. its not his fault though he worked like a dog today.. poor guy. i just took the pup out and it is like freezing cold out! gurr.. and now the cat wouldn't come in and he is running back and fourth across the roof.. i hate that cat! i made a pumpkin pie today.. well two of them.. with jackie.. it was fun.. and yummy too :) and then we were shooting the gun in the yard and drinkin.. hehe.. rednecky of us.. but it was fun.. now if i could just get to bed so i can have fun up keystone tomorrow .. gonna go bug mark and play with some clay :) woo hoo.. lol.. yeah.. so thats my boring life.. :)

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