Worlds Collide...

its amazing how worlds collide.. i was just thinking how i don't think i ever go back to the marve.. bc i just don't fit in.. (ah my mind wonders) i am no different than all the other richy rich kids.. grew up the same had all the same opportunities.. got to go on all the same trips.. etc. but i am nothing like them. i have my moments where i can PLAY the snob to pacify people.. but i really am not. and i look at all these kids i graduated with.. and well .. they really haven't changed.. its all about appearances.. and who the hell gives a shit about appearances? not me! if i went back there.. id hang (correction from dave: the word is Hide not hang lol) with the kitchen people lol.... wouldn't that be weird? but it is the marve and gossip would be king! *sigh* interesting. i hate all those whiny bitches.. they don't know or care who they hurt. so fuck them and there money.. they don't know what life really is. and one day their high horse will get tired of carrying them around and they will fall.. and then maybe then they will understand what it means to be a fucking human.

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