Halloween starts in September...

is it really that bad that its sep and my halloween decorations are already up? i am no where near done with them yet.. i have a looonnggg way to go.. it takes me forever to get them all up so i start ridiculously early...well everyone is telling me i am insane.. and today.. i was in the dollar store and there were christmas decorations on sale.. christmas... and i am the crazy one.. just wow.. talk about rushing the season.. lol.. halloween is my favorite holiday.. i dont know why it just holds the most magic for me.. i hold a huge party... costume of course.. and this year with the new house and all i intend for it to be bigger than all the years before! and we can have  a bonfire too.. i cant wait... so i got all hyped up and started early so shoot me.. lol so in the spirit i am on a horror movie kick.. so far ive watched all the friday the 13th's all the nightmare on elms.. all the halloweens and i am moving in to evil dead... and if i could just uncover sleep-away camp ill be a happy camper.. (ok lame) anyways.. im just babbling..

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