Dinner at Eric's

We had a great time.. the food was awesome and so was the conversation. We watched Paper Moon after.. i really do like that movie.. then we hung out in his basement for a while going through all his dad's strange stuff :)

The Beautiful table we ate at :)

Michael and Eric in the kitchen..

Then we head to the basement... where we found strange things.. and even stranger was our fixation with three pairs of glasses/sunglasses we found down there.. and how much fun and amusement could they really provide?

Some balls we found the had the caption on them "do not mix these balls with others unless marked thus:" uhhh??? and i would like to point out that we did think of jimmy clark and his sling shot and how this would really help his pigeon problem. (lmao)

and some books.. well there we a lot of books providing a lot of amusement

Michael with the first pair of sun glasses

Michael and the first pair of sunglasses.. with a bullet.. looking badass

Michael with the second pair looking straight out of Boogie Nights

Eric with the third pair.. doing an impression of his father..

some strange picture on the mantle

non of us are really sure of the purpose this guy serves.. mostly Eric did Mexican impressions... almost as bad as the movie the three amigos..

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