Yeah... so it continues.. and my heart breaks more... dave has disappeared.. and i don't know why.. he still hasn't spoken to me. and i cant for the life of me figure out what i did wrong. just the other day we were inseparable. now.. he doesn't give me the time of day. guess he must have all he wants and i no longer fit into the grand scheme of things. its funny how you can throw away something you say is soooo important to you. he seems no different than mike. the two of them can apparently just turn feelings on and off... must be nice.. must be really nice. well i fucking cant! i have soo much and now this. somehow i have to detach myself from another important person in my life. seems to be a pattern here.. people i care about just go away. maybe its me.. maybe i am just not meant to have anything good in my life. maybe i am meant to be unhappy.. tonight.. i shed tears for my lost friend.. i will miss you dave.. and if you come back.. i will welcome you with open arms.. you mean the world to me.. i am so saddened to see you go.. please dave.. please come back.

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