Dead Fish

Ok.. so i just went to feed my fishies.. if you know me you know i HATE fish.. i am TERRIFIED of fish. and it all dates back to a long time ago in my life. Well aside from hating fish.. i really really am horrified by dead fish. well mike told me the other day that he flushed "Tin Fins" our ginormous fish. I just went in there and the other fish that is tiger striped was floating upside down. i screamed. it scared the ever-loving fuck out of me. well i decided to tough it out cause i didn't want the other ones to die. so i fed them and decided to put a tank buddies fungus clear in there to be sure they weren't sick. well as they are eating the other fish keep pushing the dead one towards me *shiver* i ended up running from the room screaming. so i get to thinking "wow.. i am fregging nuts!" so i look up online and there is an actual word for the fear of fish!!! WTF?? its called "Ichthyophobia" sooo i cant even read this with out keeping a straight face. Now i know my fear is real.. but.. wow... seriously? there is a medical name for this? this page goes on to talk about this program they have to overcome this fear. so i keep looking around and there are all these silly fears.. the fear of clouds...aka "nephophobia" or.. the abnormal dislike or fear of walking "bathmophobia" uhhh isn't that laziness? or how about this one?? the abnormal fear or dislike of work... "ergasiophobia" think everyone suffers from that.. just thought i would share this... b/c i really really couldn't take it seriously. and i am the one afraid of dead fish.. i have no excuses

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