As Luck Would Have It...

This has just been a week from hell, from taking blame for things that were not my fault to backstabbing employees and angry managers and all the crap in-between. all week christa and i have been dealing with captain unhappy janice, who myself and someone not involved (who worked with her at Allied years ago) at all have deemed bipolar. it's very taxing and stressful to arrive at work on a daily basis to someone who is in a bad mood or is so nit-picky that they find something to complain about every singe day. the other day it was meds that got spilled on a patients bed linens, and i had signed off on the pm med round so apparently i had to be to blame. i took it and moved on. or so i thought.

Today she was rip roaring about everything under the sun, no surprise there, and she touched on the med thing again. it set me right off. it is SOOO offensive that she thinks my level of professionalism would be, number one, to make a mess with the meds and number two leave the mess, and number three, lie about it and not own up to the fact that i made a mistake. sure accidents happen and he has dropped his meds before, but i always re-administer and clean up the mess he has made. not to mention stand over him until i know the meds are no longer in his mouth. in fact the one time when he dropped them i immediately took his clothes and put them in the laundry, then poured another round. i am so damn sick and tired of our shift (3-11) taking the blame for everything. she insists that it had to be me because heather hadn't administered the 7 am dose at that point yet, so i asked, could it not be that heather administered the dose and didn't stand by him and when it was realized that he had in-fact spilt it told her that she had not given the meds yet? no. of course not.

There is most certainly favoritism happening, Janice's daughter (whom we have deemed the “golden child“ can do no wrong. janice thinks she does her work when it is very evident she doesn't and was even found laying in a patients bed the other day by Christa, i have found the food processor covered in food after she has been here.. i mean hell.. and somehow Heather has janice on her good side. so we of course get to take the brunt of everything. this is why they should not allow family to work together, let alone at the same place.

Then there was this whole thing about how in the refrigerator apparently the creamer spilled out all over everything, and janice told heather to clean it and she didn't do a very good job I guess because ultimately janice had to re-clean it. well.. this part of the refrigerator that she took out apparently sat in the dish rack for a few days, and went untouched and no one bothered to put it back. I myself only noticed it last night as I was leaving, as I don't use the dish rack (not that that is an excuse) but this is.. it was broken almost all the way through and I didn't want to put something that was broken back in the refrigerator. my note to this effect did get to janice I guess. so she went on and on.. and on... and on.. about how it should not have sat there for so long and no one have put it back.. well my dear janice, your daughter was on last night, are you giving her this same speech? no of course not, the golden child is untouchable. she is just as liable for anything that happens in this house. could she not have put the thing back? are her fingers broken? no.. fuck no.. god love hypocrisy and favoritism.

I love my job, I think of the patients as family, I take as much care of them as I possibly can, and give them everything I have. It is so offensive to be to think that someone thinks otherwise. as most of you know i have a tendency to even appear on my days off because i miss them. i am nothing if not devoted to their well being and happiness. it's also quite apparent to Christa and i that the complaints only happen when Heather has worked the shift prior. I pointed out this fact to, and she gives me the excuse of she is on light duty. so? when Christa was on light duty she still went above and beyond. the poor girl just spent two hours cleaning the van in the freezing cold, in an attempt to placate janice. i said some things to janice i do regret but after a while kouth goes out the window and frustration sets in. working here would be so much nicer if it wern't for her. i just hope karma comes back. the chronic complainer needs to be put in her place, it amuses me too that when you call her phone it says “namaste“ i am quite sure the woman doesn't understand the meaning of the word. (“I honor the Spirit in you which is also in me.”) she needs to learn step 5 in the “Five Daily Recollections” but whatever thats neither here nor there.. i guess i will just continue doing what i am doing and hope for the best. Heather will be found for what she is eventually, but i will say this, she had made some enemies and wait till she needs someone to cover her shift. i know she won't get a yes out of Christa or i. reap what you sow. i plan on having some VERY unfriendly words with her on her return to work. it makes me sick that she is still employed here and no one knows what she is up to, maybe we should start pointing out her downfalls and wrong doings to Janice instead of helping her out with them. fuck.

I just hope this doesn't keep up longer and janice doesn't decided to screw me over i did act in a manner which wasn't quite suitable for a work environment, but she needed to hear what I had to say, and I needed to say it. it doesn't help that I feel like shit and for some reason the last few days have been unable to hear much, and to boot, “aunt flow“ stopped in for a visit. all I want to do now is go home and go to bed! and I wont be able to do that for another few hours.. its only 9 pm and i get off at 11. this is going to be the longest two hours ever. and now the drier just died.. and I am sure we will get blamed for that. anyone have a fine tooth comb? I need to go over everything in this house. I don't want to get blamed again. I swear I am considering taking pictures of the house as I left it every night just to prove that it isnt us. maybe I will.. I am insane enough to do that.... *the wheels are spinning*

and it just occurred to me.. I should probably explain the recollections

Five Daily Recollections:
1. I am of the nature to grow old; I cannot avoid ageing.
2. I am of the nature to become ill; I cannot avoid illness.
3. I am of the nature to die; I cannot avoid death.
4. All that is mine, dear and delightful, will change and vanish.
5. I am the owner of my karma; I am born of my karma; I live supported by my karma; I will inherit my karma; whatever I do, whether good or evil, that I will inherit.

yeah.. there's that.. so the thing that makes me most sad about all this is the patents have to listen to us banter about who did what and what they did wrong, and it takes away from their time, the time we should be giving to them. they are the real victims in this. not to mention the high stress of wondering if you will hear about something the next night as always, creates anger, which is hard to leave at the door, when you get it inside the door. and it, unfortunately, reflects on them. they can tell what sort of mood you are in and they bounce off of the attitude you put forth. if its negative, they will feel negative, and feel as though it was their fault unable to comprehend that it really isn't. it's just sad.. so very very sad... they deserve better. and she needs to be aware of the “domino effect” (her words) that she tells us we need to be aware of. everything effects everything around it. namaste janice...

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