Welcome Home.. FUCK!

so, so much for hoping that this would be different.. i was met with my brother who got into a nice head on collision with a tree prior to my arriving in Fairfield.. due to the fact that he was intoxicated, with a girl driving who was so intoxicated she asked him after they had already hit the tree to stop the car. which he had tried to do, with the E-break just didn't manage to succeed in time. Drinking alcohol and smoking pot are not a good idea when driving. and get this.. i get him back in the car to go check on the girl he left behind and what is he doing? drinking Jack Daniel's in my fucking car.. i was like no fucking way throw that shit out the window i don't play these games. and he thankfully did, but not before taking a nice chug first. he hasn't learned a thing, they are just lucky they hit the tree and not the stone wall behind it. i asked him what he learned he goes nothing, i said ummm you just had a brush with death. and he doesn't care. a bloody fucking moron. damnit! why cant i be in pa? gurrrrrrr not i get to stay awake and check every few hours that he doesn't have a brain bleed. mother fucker. i hate him.


Lost said...

Yeah, I remember hearing about this on plurk.. >.<

BluExtacy said...

yeah he is a total dumb ass!