Poo Poo Platter

Wow ok that title was sooo wrong.. thankfully the poo wasn't on a platter.. but it was on the bathroom floor.. and the hallway.. and other places.. she has graduated from vomit.. yeah!!!! i am sooo excited.. it's been such a crazy week.. and its thursday already.. at least tomorrow i have a day off.. well.. its thursday morning anyways... meaning thursday really hasn't happened yet.. i have to work alone later today.. so not really looking forward to that.. so i guess its more in two days i have a day off.. but whatever i just succeeded in making no sense and confusing myself.. i am so tired... i am not sure what i am going to be doing about helping my buddies out with work... going to have to shake the weak tired over worked feeling and cloud of whatever that is looming.. and get off my ass and figure this out... aaarrgg.. fuck it i am going to bed i can't even make simple sentences make sense any more..


Lost said...

Yeah, I remember hearing about this in your plurk. That's really crazy stuff you have to deal with, but someone has to do it. And I commend you for being one that does. :)

BluExtacy said...

danke Khai :)