Necronomicon and Bad dreams

I think maybe i have seen Evil Dead a few too many times.. like watching it last night after a few shots was not in my best interest. because i had quite the vivid dream that i was going with timmy to visit his mother cindy, and she wasn't very well.. and in a hospice type house which is never a good sign. for some reason my two sisters were there.. (maybe i've watched charmed a few too many times too) well cindy died i guess.. but not really because it was an illusion created by the evil forces there.. but i didn't know that in the beginning.. then somehow i ended up in some other rooms in this house, and there were evil forces lurking about.. on the stairs, in the shadows and all that what not.. and eventually we ended in the basement, and we were chanting something.. haha.. so lame.. and when i woke up for like three hours i could remember what i was chanting now i cant seem to .. but yeah these evil spirits went away when you chanted this thing... and i ended up waking up after that.. it was really really freggin weird.. and total lame 80's horror movie style.. lol.. ahhh... well.. i dunno...thats that... at least i didn't have my usual bad dream.

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