Yeah.. so today was an interesting day.. Jackie had much to say too... i stayed up all night again.. which i know you wouldn't know about last night since i am a total slacker and didn't write last night oopsie... but.. yeah.. ummm.. John and i were up searching for the Wizard.. and we couldn't find him and it didn't help that John was convinced that the wizard was blue, it wasn't, the wizard was red.. really.. it's red. yeah.. so the wizard is red. so then we spend alllllll damn night looking and freggin Mike gets up at like 7:30 for school and we were whining like little school girls about it and he takes the "Where's Waldo" book from us and looks for like .002 of a second and goes, "the wizard is right here" soooo we decided we might have to kill Michael. or we really needed sleep. yeah.. that thing that i never do.. wait i got corrected.. John would like me to say "we" because i have a fellow insomniac. wOOt!!!!! we can spend every night looking for the wizard and slowly drift off into insanity because we will never find him. shit, i am sooooooooooooo off topic. the topic is Sarah, or as Jax has so aptly named "satan" last night we had a bit-o-fun screwing with her.. which as ya'll know.. this is a favorite past time among us friends screwing with each other.. well.. with her.. we take it to an utter extreme.. i think maybe because it is just tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy. "she pours the concrete we lay the bricks" (btw a direct quote from her own boyfriend, and i use this term very lightly) Jax and i were in the living room on separate couches, on our laptops on AIM commenting back and fourth about her, as she was in the same room, it was quite possibly one of the more amusing things i have witnessed. Jax was calling her ET and i was commenting on how her hair looked like something out of a moldy garbage disposal.. ok maybe not that bad but that is rather amusing in and of it's self. she was playing with clay, and she made what appeared to be a penis. possibly because she secretly wishes she had one, i mean wearing men's clothes and the 14 year old boy hair cut she is sporting and the fact that i am pretty sure she never showers... i mean omg ewww... like when did Joe move back in? So then Satan dropped her cigarette and left her lighter on the edge of the table and walked away, Jax jumped right down her throat hurling insults at her with a vengeance, telling her she needed to pick up her cigarette, needless to say she did not do this. When satan walked away, Jax grabbed her lighter and stuck it in her pocket. I made a valiant effort to not laugh as satan threw a hissy fit from the depths of hell looking for it to no avail. Finally she gave up and lit it off my stove, to which i screamed at her for. Dan suggested we give her a lecture in not smoking during all this to add insult to injury that was quite amusing. Well then she went into the bathroom to smoke her cigarette and Jax put hers back, she is so utterly oblivious that she didn't even notice it. now that takes super special talent and stupidity. it was amazing. then she sat in Mocha's chair and "read" (and i put it in quotes because she really can't read) a book which was her actually flipping through the pages of a book, at a rather fast pace. a few mins later i get an IM from Michael "she is flipping through that book at like 500 miles a min" so i forward it to Jax and she goes "maybe she likes the pictures" then he goes "i really want to throw Don Johnson down the hallway at her" needless to say.. you get the idea this went on for hours, we really don't like her. and the hatred has been brewing for a long while now.

Well now that you have the recap of last night, which was a heck of a lot more long winded than i had intended it to be... i am going to tell you about today, you can read about this morning on Jax blog, but i was mostly asleep for this, i left for work and got cursed out for making the pork chops a day early (one would think this is not a big deal to Janice.. well it is) so i was already in a horrible mood.. so John was on the phone with me while i was filling out housing papers for him, and i heard satan and her attitude in the background, and thats when i requested he put her on the phone. i not so kindly informed her that she needed to cut the attitude it was draining me of my sanity. then i got back on the phone with John and continued with the paper work. towards the end of it i asked him if she was mad at what i said. he told me that she thinks i hate her. i said i did. so i decided to tell her how i felt and got her back on the phone. and said "so i hear you think i hate you?" she goes "yeah you never talk to me any more" to which i responded with "well.. when you first got here i thought you were pretty cool and i could get along with you, you were willing to help out around the house, you were friendly, then you took a turn for the worse, you don't get off your fat ass for anything. when John asks you to do anything you tell him to leave you alone and scream at him. i work every day to put food in your fat face and a roof over your fat head. you have a place to sleep because of me and i didn't know you from a whore on the street but took you in because you are with a close friend of mine. who by the way you treat like shit. i am so fucking sick of getting phone calls from Jackie ten times a day telling me she feels bad for John because you have him close to tears screaming at him. you destroy the vibe in my house i never want to come home any more. and further more the little stunt you pulled the other day pretending you were passing out in the car on the way home was total shit, you can't even fake rolling your eyes back in your head well, you are in a house of medically trained individuals, and it made me sick that you would take a real medical condition and trivialize it for attention. you disgust me. take a fucking shower you smell like shit you look like shit your hair is disgusting get off your fat welfare living ass and do something or get the fuck out of my house i will not stand for this shit any longer. i am sick of looking at your ugly face." i went on and on and on.. and it only got worse from there.. i let her know just how much i hated her. i have never met someone who made me so ill and instilled such a distain for humanity in me. i only hope that my "talk" got through to her. which would be doubtful, people like her.. they don't change. they stay stuck in their shit and act like fucking assholes for the rest of their lives. *sigh* at lest i got it off my chest and i said it to her face.


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