As the world turns (hah! soap opera *vomits*)

The world just keeps turning.. how many times have i heard this, this week? probably far too many.. seems to be a typical response, no matter what is happing... apparently i don't get this concept? or people don't think i do. maybe i don't? sometimes anyways, i think i do... you have to press on.. how hard is that to grasp? but that's not always the easiest thing to do. and that's when you make bad decisions, decisions that hurt the people you love dearly.. (you know who you are and i'm still sorry) selfishness is an ugly thing.. something that really isn't who i am.. anyways.. Michael came back.. i have nothing much to say on this topic as i am utterly indifferent to it, i don't particularly care at this point.. wait.. that was kind of redundant.. well anyways.. i have to be selfish for a while i think.. focus on getting myself strong again.. getting back on track and ignore all the other crap that surrounds me.. stop trying to help everyone else for a little while.. which i don't want to do.. but it seems to have come down to survival of the fittest at this point.. god.. rambling again.. will someone gag me? damn.

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