Jackie and Karin in Montrose..

let me preface this by saying i'm not sure how i am going to tell this story and still have it sound in anyway intellectual, or for that mater have it make sense... but i will do my damnedest.. because we even took notes so as not to forget the important parts... looking at them now my reaction is more WTF? than anything.. but eh.. its me and Jackie.. and well.. we rarely if ever make any sense when we are together.. think thats half the fun. on the way up as tired as we were we stopped at the D and D.. (which we renamed double d... and then decided that we are now going to refer to as Big Tits..) and made our own club.. STP (which stands for the Sleep Depravation Club.. yes.. we realize of course that the letters don't really match that acronym but that's the point.. we were fucking tired.)Jackie also was explaining how she was leaving her "suction cup toothbrush" at my house.. and how its a cool toothbrush because it will stick to the sink.. ut oh.. things are getting serious now *giggle* she's moving in.. hahah... we made a few trips through town for various things.. once to go to the shootin' range *giggle* mmmmm... her new .45 made me very happy.. jackie is now officially deaf thanks to her BSA lightweight 30-6 high powered rifle.. another time was for smokes... then for McDonalds (a little MI in a bag *giggle*)... then to Don Lockhearts for gas... each time passing the holsome bread sign... and commenting on the "Ho, Ho, Holesome!" slogan (yeah, santa was on the sign) this now sounds boring as hell... but it amused us.. it's a very small town, if you blink while driving through it you may miss it. Dave Newton was there all set up for monday.. huntin! Woot! haha.. riiiggghhhhtt... had his tent in the woods, and a huntin' shack he built, he and my father were burning things they took from the barn.. things that i'm pretty sure really weren't healthy to burn but since when do you ever hear of a hick that really cares? but i am guessing by the plume of THICK black smoke billowing off of the bonfire.. my dad was contributing to the depletion of the ozone layer.. egged on by dave.. we wandered the tree farm for a while looking for a christmas tree.. and boy i'll tell you slim pickens this year.. i really gotta start getting up and trimming them during the summer.. my father didn't even find one he liked. i got lucky i guess, so he put out his official verbal notice telling me that he was buying a fake tree, and that i had almost a month to get over it before i came home for the holidays. *sob* Gramps is probably turning in his grave... at least i didn't give up i have a real tree.. blue spruce even.. and i loveeee them.. it's purrrddy...so jackie and i then wandered the farm and discussed food names for our lovers? and sexual parts.. hah! Er i'm sorry as per the txt message Jackie sent to my phone.. it was food names for our "boo's" in fact the actual txt reads "food names when referring to ones "boo" we were kinda in the middle of the wood.. lacking the pen and paper list.. so she txted it to me just to be sure we didn't forget. after that a viscous snowball fight ensued.. of course it was mostly me and Jackie pinging mike in the back of his bald head with snowballs.. that had to suck.. he even got a nice chunk of snow down his back.. ok maybe it was more ice.. and of course since i did that i brought Michael's snow wrath upon jackie.. because he didn't realize it was me that had nailed him.. (i am secretly 007 but shhh.. but don't tell anyone..) oh.. so then we went to visit Uncle Donny... he had just gotten out of the hospital twenty minutes prior.. with chest pain.. he's fine.. jackie fell asleep on his couch while we were discussing the depressing family feud over Uncle Joe's farm.. i told him she was at work all night.. she wasn't.. she was playing hanky panky with her significant other.. and got no sleep.. so now she keeps telling me she wants to go back to work.. hahah....ok i want to share this line of dialogue "give me your keys.." "um well there's mikes keys" "mikes keys go to your car?" "yeah, he does have both sets of keys.." "yeah umm.. well i have a gun..." (wtf? hahah might have had to have been there... i'm pretty sure the gun comment was directed more at the fact that mike had my keys than anything else *giggle*) well.. more about the adventures of Karin and Jackie later.. wonder what today will bring.. i still haven't had my coffee yet .. lol..

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